Commercial Landscape Maintenance Guide

Facility management companies focus heavily on a building’s operability and energy efficiency. Commercial landscape maintenance is often overlooked. But it’s still an important part of having a well-maintained facility. 

In today’s post, Omnia360 Facility Solutions in Cincinnati, Ohio will cover everything you need to know about…

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4 Phases of Planned HVAC Maintenance Explained

When it comes to planning HVAC maintenance, there are a few primary strategies used to do so. The four phases of planned HVAC maintenance are: 

Corrective maintenance  Preventative maintenance  Risk-based maintenance  Predictive maintenance  HVAC Maintenance Strategies & Facility Management 

Among these four maintenance philosophies,…

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How Do Facility Management Companies Ensure Building Safety?

Building safety and employee health is a top priority for facility management professionals. 

Promoting office safety and security often overlap with other goals, like lower operational costs and improved working conditions for staff. 


How do facility management companies ensure building safety and employee health? 

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9 Commercial Property Problems and How FM Fixes Them

Commercial buildings come with their share of problems — especially when a property is an older one. Facility management services proactively deter common problems found in commercial properties before they become serious, costly issues.

Omnia360 Facility Solutions in Cincinnati, Ohio, covers all…

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CMMS Best Practices for a Lean Organization

A maintenance management system is a lifesaver for any facility management company, automating and streaming work processes that save time and money. 

In today’s post, Omnia360 Facility Solutions in Cincinnati, Ohio, will cover the best practices for using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). 

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Commercial Air Conditioning FAQs

Commercial air conditioning systems see heavy use, day in and day out, year after year. They work hard to keep customers and employees comfortable at your commercial property. 


In today’s post, Omnia360 facility solutions, a premier facility management company in Cincinnati, answers frequently asked questions…

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