How Deferred Maintenance Impacts Your Facility

Facility managers are familiar with the practice of deferred maintenance, but could the perceived long-term cost-savings from postponed maintenance be a myth? 


In today’s blog, Omnia360 discusses the three negative impacts, along with the overall importance of deferred maintenance. 

What is Deferred…

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5 Signs Your Business Needs Facility Management Services

Too much work and too little time. There are some tell-tale signs that your business needs help with managing its operations and workflow, alongside the brick n’ mortar location as a whole. 

A facility management services company like Omnia360 can provide the right solutions for your…

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Save Money and Cut Costs with Facility Management Services: Here’s How

Costs are rising. It’s part of why companies are looking to stay profitable and ahead of the curve. Hiring a facility management solutions company is one way to do just that.

In today’s blog post, Omnia360 explains how your business can save on costs with…

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Integrated Facility Solutions for Eco-Friendly Buildings

A major trend in the facility management industry is using eco-friendly, “green” practices when maintaining buildings. This move follows on the heels of the national and worldwide motivation to reduce the carbon footprint. 


In today’s blog, Omnia360 explains how integrated facility solutions can work…

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Complete Facility Solutions for StartUps: Omnia360 Weighs in

The world of startups is characterized by an often-times chaotic, fast-paced, competitive and volatile atmosphere. In fact, according to most research studies, two-thirds of startups fail. Why? There are many reasons. But it’s largely due to inadequate internal processes or poor management. 

That’s why working with…

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Utilizing Integrated Facility Solutions in Spring Cleaning: Omnia360 Explains

Spring is upon us and just like flowers and plants emerging from winter, it’s a time for your business to grow, expand and achieve a more streamlined efficiency. It’s time for some spring cleaning. 

Work orders might have piled up over the winter, and there may even be…

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