The Role of Environmental Services Technicians in Facility Management

In facility management, environmental services technicians keep our spaces clean, safe, and conducive to productivity. 

Their work aims to maintain environmental quality in commercial, industrial, and institutional settings. 

What is an Environmental Services Technician?

An environmental services technician maintains indoor spaces’ cleanliness, hygiene, and…

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What Is Sick Building Syndrome?

Few issues are as important as the health and well-being of customers and employees. 

One threat to your company’s health is sick-building syndrome (SBS). Partnering with a team like Omnia360 means creating safe indoor environments that foster productivity, comfort, and health. 

What Is Sick…

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What Is Condition-Based Monitoring?

Foreseeing potential issues and proactively addressing them is a game-changer. 

Condition-based monitoring is a maintenance method of constantly monitoring the condition of your systems using sensors and data to stay informed. This method keeps your business informed on maintenance trends, which can help predict future issues. 

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Your Guide to Winterize Your Landscaping

Winterizing your landscaping is crucial for the health and longevity of your plants and the overall appeal of your property.

In this guide from Omnia360, we’ll share the steps to ensure your landscaping thrives despite the cold temperatures.

Pruning and Trimming


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How Often Should Commercial HVAC Be Serviced?

You probably don’t think about your business’s HVAC system every day. It’s easy to take it for granted—until it falters. To ensure your commercial HVAC system operates at its best, how often should it be serviced? 

From energy efficiency to cost savings and environmental impact, we’ll…

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Troubleshooting Your Commercial Furnace – Reasons It’s Not Working

It’s cold, and if your business’s furnace goes out or is on the brink of quitting, you’re in trouble. When your commercial furnace isn’t working, it can disrupt your daily operations, impact employee morale, and cause customer dissatisfaction. 

Omnia360 offers 24/7 comprehensive HVAC maintenance and repair,…

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