How to Create an Energy-Efficient Building

Energy efficiency has emerged as a crucial step towards sustainable development. 

Facility management companies can assist in transforming buildings into energy-efficient spaces that reduce operational costs and contribute to a greener future. 

Omnia360 shares strategies that facility management companies…

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Enhancing Efficiency: Industrial Plants & Integrated Facility Solutions

In the rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the success of manufacturing plants heavily depends on maintaining operational efficiency. 

To achieve this, many industrial facilities are turning to integrated facility solutions, a comprehensive approach that streamlines maintenance, repairs, and operations under one system. 

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HVAC Commercial Maintenance for Restaurants

Anyone who’s worked in a kitchen can vouch for the heat. In a commercial environment especially, it’s necessary for both the safety and comfort of employees and diners to keep a well-maintained HVAC system. 

Learn from the experts at Omnia360 how to keep up HVAC maintenance…

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Commercial Landscape Maintenance Guide

Facility management companies focus heavily on a building’s operability and energy efficiency. Commercial landscape maintenance is often overlooked. But it’s still an important part of having a well-maintained facility. 

In today’s post, Omnia360 Facility Solutions in Cincinnati, Ohio will cover everything you need to know about…

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4 Phases of Planned HVAC Maintenance Explained

When it comes to planning HVAC maintenance, there are a few primary strategies used to do so. The four phases of planned HVAC maintenance are: 

Corrective maintenance  Preventative maintenance  Risk-based maintenance  Predictive maintenance  HVAC Maintenance Strategies & Facility Management 

Among these four maintenance philosophies,…

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