What are ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ Facility Management Services?

Every business has unique needs and requirements to perform optimally. The job of a facility management company is to ensure that all facets of a building are taken care of, from front to back, whether it’s HVAC and plumbing repairs or landscaping and window cleaning. 


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How Facility Management Services Lower Your Energy Bill

The fundamental goals of most facility management services are to lower your business’s monthly energy expenses and promote a more profitable facility. 

What’s the number one expense for any commercial building? Energy. According to energy.gov, over 30% of U.S. energy consumption…

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5 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Commercial Buildings

So, you’re operating a commercial office building, or maybe even an industrial plant, and you need to make sure it’s running efficiently. Omnia360, a comprehensive facility management company in Cincinnati, Ohio can give you five preventative maintenance tips for commercial buildings. 

FM services usually consist of…

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How Facility Management Boosts Your Building’s Energy Efficiency

A facility manager’s job is to find ways to save on a commercial or industrial building’s operational costs. Optimizing a facility’s energy efficiency is the first step.


Facility management companies like Omnia360 in Cincinnati, Ohio, achieve this through accurate data-based…

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What is CAFM Software? (Computer Aided Facility Management)

Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) gives facility managers and FM companies the tools to streamline and automate their internal processes, tracking, managing, reporting, and planning all facets of a facility’s operations.

Here are a few of the core areas that facility managers can analyze and control…

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4 Risks to Assisted Living Facilities Without Facility Management Services

Increasing costs are becoming a major factor for businesses across the country to contend with, and the search for money-saving opportunities is becoming more important. This is especially true for assisted living facilities and retirement care centers. Many of them are struggling with challenges in the industry: 


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