Fire Protection for Your Commercial Building

Is your business prepared for a fire? 

We’ve all heard how devastating a fire can be to people, homes, and businesses. In 2021, the U.S. Fire Administration estimated 116,500 fires in non-residential buildings nationwide. These fires were estimated to cause 115 deaths, 1,025 injuries, and over $3,697,200,000 in damages. 

To prevent significant loss, every business should have fire protection that follows federal, state, and local guidelines. 

We’ll discuss what commercial fire guidelines should be followed and how facility management can work to keep your company and employees safe. 

What Fire Protection Guidelines Should I Follow? 

Along with localized fire codes, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, better known as OSHA, provides several standards for protecting employees and businesses. 

Some vital protection guidelines for commercial fire prevention include exit strategies, working safety equipment, and hazardous material management. 

Exit strategies include evacuation planning and determining set routes for employees to follow in case of emergency. 

Each company should have an emergency exit plan that should be accessible to all employees. Training on what to do during a fire should take place, too. Knowing where to go, who needs help, and what policies to follow keeps staff members safe. 

Depending on the size of your building and the type of industry you’re involved in, multiple emergency exits should also be a part of your company’s exit strategy. 

Maintaining fire prevention and detection tools is another essential step in protecting your business. 

This includes keeping emergency lighting, sprinkler systems, ventilation systems, smoke detectors, and alarms in working order. 

OSHA also outlines particular guidelines for specific, and often more high-risk, industries like welding, logging, and electric power generation. 

Regular inspections should occur in these industries with hazardous materials to ensure safety criteria are met.  

How Can Facility Management Keep My Company Protected? 

When it comes to inspection and management of commercial fire prevention, a facility management expert can be a massive asset to your company. 

Asking an internal employee or doing fire safety inspections yourself leaves room for critical errors. Meeting fire standards should not be taken lightly, as the consequences could result in fines from a fire marshall or worse – injury to yourself or staff. 

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Preventative management from Omnia360 includes interior and exterior inspections of protective equipment like battery power exit signs and sprinklers, and can more easily keep your business compliant.  

Our team of facility experts can ensure you meet all fire safety guidelines.

When Do I Need Facility Management Services? 

If you’re overwhelmed with keeping your business up to code or don’t have an expert on fire codes and regulations, it might be time to consider facility management services. 

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Save yourself and your staff from being overwhelmed by partnering with Omnia360. We offer comprehensive, integrated facility management servicesFor more information or a free price quote,  contact us today at (833) 360-6642.