9 Commercial Property Problems and How FM Fixes Them

Commercial buildings come with their share of problems — especially when a property is an older one. Facility management services proactively deter common problems found in commercial properties before they become serious, costly issues.

Omnia360 Facility Solutions in Cincinnati, Ohio, covers all facets of building maintenance to help you stay focused on what matters: running your business. 

Here are the nine most common issues faced by commercial property owners…


1. Leaks 

Leaks start small but turn into giant costly dilemmas for your commercial building. Whether a leak is coming from bathroom pipes, the roof, or the ceiling, it should be identified and fixed quickly. 


A good FM company will inspect your roof fairly regularly to ensure no issues are creeping up that demand repair. If a leak is spotted, it’s sealed immediately or replaced with new materials. 


2. Electric Faults 

Electrical faults include any abnormal electrical current. And if you’re experiencing sudden power outages, inconsistent lighting, or dead outlets, there might just be major damage to your electrical system, be it a blown-out fuse or circuit breaker.  


It’s critical that you locate the root cause and solve the electric fault immediately. Full-service FM companies can do just that. They also offer emergency, reactive maintenance to handle blackouts at any time, whether it’s 3 p.m. or 3 a.m.


Facility maintenance contractors are cross-trained specialists skilled in a variety of trades, from electrical maintenance to plumbing and HVAC repair. Your FM provider can establish the best plan of action for preventing and resolving electrical damage on your commercial property. 


3. Cracks

Just like a leak, if a crack is small or situated in an unimportant location, there’s a chance that it’s connected to a larger problem with your building. 


An FM company can identify the issue and solve it (caulk the crack) or outsource the job to a specialist. Having an expert eye to watch your building is worth the investment. 


For instance, spotting cracks in the foundation could mean your building has structural issues: concrete decay, steel support corrosion, honeycombing, or cold joints. 


The decaying concrete should be replaced or repaired immediately to avoid disaster, or you’ll run the risk of the building collapsing. 


This is why building inspections should be done annually by qualified, certified experts specializing in certain facets of a building. These should also be documented and photographed to compare changes year over year. 


4. Excess Moisture and Mold

Water damage, high humidity, or uneven temperature control are part of “excessive moisture” in a building. Moisture also generates in all sorts of places. An FM company will ensure that moisture from the outside is contained with waterproofing and insulation. 


It might mean doing something as simple as removing moisture-generating plants from the office or something as complex as applying waterproof membranes to a below-grade wall to stop condensation from forming. 


If moist, dark spaces exist, you can be sure that mold does too. Mold spores impair indoor air quality for you, your employees, and your clients. 


Prevention is key. It’s why FM companies work diligently to create an itemized plan of maintenance task priorities uniquely tailored to your building’s needs. 


5. Security Issues 

Older properties are notorious for this issue; since the infrastructure wears down over time, there are more security risks concerning the building. 


Breaches can be an issue in rooms where expensive equipment is located (computers, printers, office supplies). 


It’s important to always have employees or staff members check the locks on all doors and windows before closing the building. 


An FM company can identify solutions to certain security issues, like worn-out locks or door hinges, and offer repair and replacement services to fix them. 


6. Non-Compliance with Fire & Safety Codes 

This isn’t a structural issue. But it can pose a problem, nonetheless. Laws and guidelines vary by state and can change over the years, so it’s important to stay up-to-date and make the necessary adjustments to your building. 


Read about Cincinnati’s Fire Prevention Code


Hiring an FM company puts yet another “to-do” off of your shoulders and onto theirs. They dig into regulatory information about your current structures to ensure everything is up-to-date and compliant. 


7. Inefficient Energy Consumption 

Approximately 35% of the energy consumed in the U.S. is by commercial buildings. Identifying areas of your building that can be improved to maximize energy conservation is important to keeping your operation budget-friendly.


Even without an FM company, you can: 

  • Complete Regular HVAC maintenance & inspection 
  • Add Insulation
  • Turn off electronics & tech not in use 
  • Switch to LED lighting


FM companies take a proactive approach to maximizing the energy efficiency of your building, focusing on HVAC performance and operability. Facility managers constantly look for ways to achieve efficient energy consumption and lower monthly energy bills. 


8. Pests

If there’s food, there’s a chance they’ll be pests following close by. Prevention is the best course of action. Get rid of rodents or mice immediately; set out traps and use pest repellent. You don’t want critters chewing through your office wiring or drywall. 


If you already have pests on your property, call an exterminator. Some facility maintenance companies can take care of the issue so long as it’s part of your service contract. 


9. Old Property 


Older properties come with their share of problems, sure. But if your property was built between the 1930s to 1970s, asbestos (harmful carcinogen) may have been used during its construction. 


It’s important to make note of this and to hire a professional to check to see if asbestos is in ceiling areas, floor tiles, shingles, or anywhere else. 


To safely remove asbestos from a building can get expensive. Some FM companies can offer this service as part of a customized package, though most do not. 


Why FM Matters for Commercial Properties (Key Takeaways):

  • Proactive Building Maintenance 
  • Lower Energy Costs 
  • Long-Term Sustainable Facility Performance 

Hiring a reputable facility management company ensures that your building is maintained all year long: emergency HVAC, plumbing or electrical repairs, janitorial services, landscaping, and regulatory compliance requirements are all covered (depending on your contract). 

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