Commercial Air Conditioning FAQs

Commercial air conditioning systems see heavy use, day in and day out, year after year. They work hard to keep customers and employees comfortable at your commercial property. 


In today’s post, Omnia360 facility solutions, a premier facility management company in Cincinnati, answers frequently asked questions…

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What is Facilities Asset Management?

Asset management is a fundamental part of getting results as a facilities management company. It falls under the broad service of facilities maintenance, which involves the day-to-day tasks of running a building or workplace. 

In today’s post, Omnia360, a leading facility…

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5 Commercial Plumbing Issues that Can Devastate Your Office Building

Commercial plumbing systems are complex (to put it lightly). We’re talking about miles of intricate pipe systems (some of which are hundreds of years old, and others brand new) that connect your business to the city’s drainage system. 

Plumbing problems CAN and WILL occur at your…

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6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial HVAC System

HVAC systems for commercial office buildings are pressured to perform day in and day out, providing cool and warm air for multiple floors and rooms. Over time, they undergo a lot of wear and tear. 

That can mean more and more out-of-pocket costs towards HVAC maintenance…

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What are ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ Facility Management Services?

Every business has unique needs and requirements to perform optimally. The job of a facility management company is to ensure that all facets of a building are taken care of, from front to back, whether it’s HVAC and plumbing repairs or landscaping and window cleaning. 


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How Facility Management Services Lower Your Energy Bill

The fundamental goals of most facility management services are to lower your business’s monthly energy expenses and promote a more profitable facility. 

What’s the number one expense for any commercial building? Energy. According to, over 30% of U.S. energy consumption…

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