5 Commercial Plumbing Issues that Can Devastate Your Office Building

Commercial plumbing systems are complex (to put it lightly). We’re talking about miles of intricate pipe systems (some of which are hundreds of years old, and others brand new) that connect your business to the city’s drainage system. 

Plumbing problems CAN and WILL occur at your commercial building over time.  

In today’s post, Omnia360 Facility Solutions in Cincinnati, Ohio, gives you five plumbing issues that can devastate your commercial office building if left unaddressed.

1. Clogged Drains 

Commercial drains are forced to flush out far larger volumes of debris and waste than residential households. Employees or clients can even carelessly flush down items that the drainage system can’t process easily. Naturally, you get clogged drains. 

When customers notice that water is backing up into the sink or pooling, it doesn’t put your company in a positive light. Unclog the drain periodically to maintain a well-kept property. 

2. Sewage Odors 

Foul smells that annoy your guests and staff are NOT good for business. Bad sewage odors often come from dry pipes (often due to clogging). 

It can also be due to dry P-traps. The P-trap is a device that’s shaped like the letter “P,” found under sinks, showers, and tubs. The device holds water near the curved portion to seal and prevent sewer gas from backing up into your building. 

If there’s an issue with the seal itself, the sewer gas will release into the indoor air, giving off a foul-smelling aroma. 

3. Leakages & Breaks 

A commercial plumbing system is extensive, involving miles of pipework. It’s no wonder that leaks are so common with commercial properties. Any portion of that long stretch of plumbing could wear down or face damages.

This means your property’s water-based appliances could see leaks: 

bathroom sinks and faucets in a commercial office space

  • Toilets 

  • Urinals

  • Faucets

  • Sinks 

  • PVC Pipes


Leaks exacerbate when you don’t fix them, leading to increased water damage across your property. 


4. Water Temperature Problems 

Once more…water temperature issues are based on the size and complexity of the system. Because hot water heaters are used day in and day out as part of your normal business operations, they’re prone to degrade from overuse. 

With wear and tear, temperature regulation issues creep up. Whether you’re washing your hands or taking a shower, the water won’t get hot or cold enough. 

The extent of these issues can vary depending on the hot water system that your building is using. 

The best solution? Prevention. Schedule regular inspections or hire a facility management company to cover all of your maintenance needs across appliances. 

5. Damaged Pipes 

Downtown Cincinnati has several old (downright ancient) pipes, some having been around for at least 100 years. When these pipes wear down, it’s a recipe for energy loss and inefficiency for any commercial property that happens to be connected to it.

According to new reports, over time, the Cincinnati stormwater system’s infrastructure expanded to accommodate more people moving in. More people equals more toilets flushing and more wear n’ tear on the pipes (degradation).

Whether the root cause of damaged pipes is from old age, a recent construction project in a nearby area, or winter freezes, some pipes burst. And when they do, the repairs are expensive and extensive

  • Depending on the size and complexity of the plumbing system, the average cost to replace commercial plumbing is often $50-200 an hour, not including additional costs for materials. Installing new plumbing fixtures costs around $4-6 per square foot. 
  • Paying one lump sum to a facility management company that will fix all of your plumbing, electrical, and HVAC issues as part of a bundled package deal is far more cost effective and beneficial to your bottom line than out-of-pocket costs to several different contractors.

What’s the solution for damaged pipes?

Simple: Spot the issue early and take action immediately. If a pipe break isn’t addressed, frequent water pressure will make it worse, making it hemorrhaging more and more water. 

How can FM services help with commercial plumbing issues? 

Monitoring. Facility management companies have an entire staff of trained, qualified experts that work every day to monitor the performance of your building. 

Peace of mind. FM companies leverage the latest industry technologies to watch for any and all signs of impending problems (from plumbing mishaps to HVAC malfunctions). 

The value of having comprehensive maintenance services all year long is well worth the cost. 

You can think of it like paying for insurance, the only difference being that facility management is far more useful and amicable to your bottom line. 

Start Managing Your Commercial Property the Right Way

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