Commercial Landscape Maintenance Guide

Facility management companies focus heavily on a building’s operability and energy efficiency. Commercial landscape maintenance is often overlooked. But it’s still an important part of having a well-maintained facility. 

In today’s post, Omnia360 Facility Solutions in Cincinnati, Ohio will cover everything you need to know about commercial landscape maintenance and why it’s a critical component of full-service FM. 

Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

Although the benefits might not be as obvious, you can think of commercial landscaping services as an investment for your property, employees, and customers. 

Here’s why: 

  • Increased property value: It’s not just aesthetically pleasing, the market value of the property enhances. Should you decide to resell and relocate, you’ll get more money. 
  • Enhanced safety and security: A clean, well manicured outdoor space makes it safer for potential customers and visitors. 
  • Enhanced Employee productivity: Studies show that a clean, good-looking environment impacts worker productivity. 
  • Demonstrate a “green” image: With increasing concerns surrounding climate change and ESG, more people are looking to companies to display a green initiative.

Regular Commercial Landscaping Services 

  • Mulching or soil conservation methods
  • Lawn maintenance for a lush, green, dandelion-free lawn.
  • General clean up of plant beds and regular removal of plant debris.
  • Mowing or weeding of plant beds and monitoring of overall plant health.
  • Attention to pruning and shearing of plants for optimum form and sustainability.
  • Monitoring and treatment of plant diseases and pests.
  • Testing of soil for essential nutrients and minerals. 
  • Fertilization and any necessary corrective treatments for ongoing plant and soil health.
  • Irrigation monitoring and water management.
  • Tree pruning to correct cosmetic defects and ensure safety.
  • Driveway and parking lot maintenance to keep parking lots free of potholes, clean, and presentable to clients.

Fall Cleanup & Winterization Landscape Maintenance Services

  • Cutting back of perennial plants to ensure healthy regrowth in the spring.
  • Removal of fall and winter debris.
  • Application of anti-desiccants to evergreens and shrubs.
  • Deactivation of irrigation systems prior to the onset of winter.
  • Snow and ice removal.


Why You Need Year-Round Landscape Maintenance 

As the seasons change, so do your property’s needs. Ensuring you have safe, walkable pathways in the winter and beautifully placed flowering plants in the summer is why you need year-round landscaping services. 

Planting and changing out seasonal plants is a cost-efficient way to spruce up your property: 

  • Spring: Peony, Foxglove, Bleeding heart, or Spring-blooming bulbs 
  • Summer: Lavender, Lobelia, False Sunflower, or Summer-Blooming Bulbs 
  • Fall: New York Aster, Sedum, or Fall-Blooming Bulbs. 

Lastly — Contracting with a single provider to cover all of your building’s needs also takes a load of stress off of your back. 

Creative Landscaping Ideas for Commercial Buildings

Experienced landscaping contractors can identify ways in which to accentuate your building’s natural architecture and design. 

  • Hardscaping features: adding plants, trees, shrubs, paved walkways, fountains, gazebos, or patios. 
  • Position planters: positioning oversized planters around the entrance to frame adds to your business’s aesthetic and customer experience. 
  • Outdoor seating area: creating a comfortable outdoor space for customers or employees to relax can be visually appealing and help to reduce cooling costs thanks to the shady plants, tall trees, or large shrubs. 
  • Strategic placement: the location where plants, flowers, or shrubbery are placed is critical to creating a beautiful and functional space.  

Hiring an FM Company for Landscaping vs a Landscaping Company

While local Cincinnati landscaping companies are good at what they do, they fall short in one regard. 

Facility management companies have a broad overview of your building’s capabilities and how one part of your facility impacts another. 

With this larger contextual information on hand, FM managers are far more capable of delivering a cohesive, strategic approach to your landscaping tasks. 

Cincinnati Commercial Landscaping FAQs 

How can commercial landscaping improve safety and security on your property? 

A clean, well-organized, and well-maintained property will result in fewer accidents and better security for your property. A messy, debris-filled property increases the chances of someone tripping over, falling, and suing.

Can commercial landscaping help your business attract customers?

A good-looking property will help to attract people. In fact, 

How much does commercial landscaping cost in Cincinnati? 

The average cost is around $5,200.

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