How Facility Management Software Streamlines Facility Management Solutions

Digitization of tasks is leading toward a more productive and automated future. Service Channel states that facilitation of tasks will create 24/7 brand support for all locations, while also offering strategic insight into maintenance costs and resource allocation. 

Omnia360 specializes in providing the integrated facility solutions you need to ensure maximum productivity. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how facility management software streamlines facility management solutions.

What Does It Do?

In our comprehensive, integrated facility solutions bundle, we provide your business only the facility solutions you need. This includes our software and remote mobile support solutions. 

We offer 24/7 contact support and are just a phone call away for those late-night plumbing emergencies or clarification calls on how to reprogram the HVAC system. The goal is to make your business flow efficiently and smoothly in all daily operations.

Is Mobile Support Really the Same as On-Site Support?

We’re so glad you asked, and yes, it is! The staff for our 24/7 mobile support center receives high-quality technical troubleshooting training that prepares them on all knowledge fronts for your questions and emergency moments. The point is to streamline communication. If our software needs assistance, then our mobile support technician can immediately order you the fix over the phone. 

Your fix will be on its way in a matter of minutes, instead of waiting for one to two business days for support. If you’re still feeling a bit iffy on mobile support, we also offer on-site solution packages as well. The point of our facility management software is designed to meet your needs. This means we can tailor it to your specific needs and desires as necessary.

Can I Control My HVAC System With My Software?

Absolutely! You can control your entire facility management system with it, as well as review analytics and daily functioning for all of your business locations. 

This streamlines your process and offers a more condensed approach to daily facility management. Having access to our software regularly, or our team, will make all the difference in noticing inefficiencies immediately.

Omnia360 Provides Progressive Facility Solutions 

Omnia360 works to provide progressive facility management solutions for all of our clients. We are your third-party facility solution provider that utilizes data to inform our decision-making process, so we can best provide for your company’s needs on all matters. 

To learn more about our products and services, particularly our software and mobile support solutions, please get in touch with us online, or give us a call at 833.360.6642. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

How Omnia360 is the Complete Solution for Cincinnati Businesses

Efficiency is the name, and how to maximize it is the constant question companies are asking themselves. For many, it is the difference between falling behind and getting ahead of competitors. 


Omnia360 understands this, and we work hard to provide competitive facility solutions to each of our customers. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how we are your business’ complete facility solution. 


What Are Facility Solutions?

Facility Solutions is another term for Facility Management. According to an article released by Sandra Tranchard with the International Organization for Standardization, “Professional facilities management, as an interdisciplinary business function, aims to coordinate the demand and supply of facilities and services within public and private organizations,” (Tranchard, ISO). 


The facility solutions industry is both multifaceted and fast-growing. Businesses around the world are seeking a third-party provider to handle their groundskeeping, daily facility maintenance, project management, and consultations on HVAC standardization. 


Omnia360 specializes in all of these areas of expertise, and we are happy to work with you to fulfill your business needs as your third-party facility solution provider. We know well-integrated facility solutions are key to success.


Technology In Facility Solutions

Digital third-party facility solutions are also fast-growing, and are often outsourced by businesses who need a 24/7 service to be available to answer their calls. 


Offering third-party solutions through our 24/7 service line is something Omnia360 works hard to provide to each of our customers. Our digital service professionals are trained expertly in site maintenance and care that is specific to your company.


Outsourcing Facility Solutions

Outsourcing is the most efficient way to meet the needs of your day-to-day business operations while receiving the most knowledgeable help possible. 


Omnia360 is a third-party solution provider for day-to-day business operations. We specialize in providing HVAC assistance, project management, and various other facility solutions such as onsite management. 


We consult with each customer on their direct needs, and the most efficient path to meet them.

Omnia360 Provides Progressive Facility Solutions 

Omnia360 works to provide progressive facility solutions for all of our clients. We are your third-party facility solution provider that utilizes data to inform our decision-making process, so we can best provide for your company’s needs on all matters. 


To learn more about our products and services, please get in touch with us online, or give us a call at 833.360.6642. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Examples of Digital Facility Solutions, Omnia360

Data informs all decisions in the modern world, and why wouldn’t it? Currently, there are thousands of analytics companies that specialize in providing informational data to consumers and businesses for digital facility solutions. 


This is a significant plus in the facility management world because it mitigates the need to collect this information from specific units. It somewhat streamlines the process using: Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning/AI, and the Internet of Things. 


These terms can be complex concepts to understand, but our team at Omnia360 Facility Solutions is happy to assist in today’s blog. 


Digital Facility Solutions & Big Data Analytics

In the field of Facility Management, data-driven decision-making exists in the use of digital facility solutions. This means everything from wireless internet to the use of electronic management systems. 


Big data analytics has been used to track click patterns on websites to the movement of employee tags in organizations. It all connects to big data analytics as a method of improving efficiencies. 


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The ability for machines to self-regulate by learning patterns of behavior associated with their operators is highly effective in facility management. Big data analytics helps with this. 


Take an HVAC unit, for example. An HVAC without machine learning technology will run on the settings directed to it and provide analytics on daily run-time. However, if machine learning were to be included in the building of an HVAC unit, the unit would be able to self-optimize run time, the output of air and provide analytics on that information all on its own. 


This behavior pattern would begin when the operator first programs the unit to self-run. Then with daily monitoring of production, it would self-optimize and begin developing altered behavior patterns for different external stimuli.


Internet of Things (IoT)

So, if this were the case, if an HVAC can learn how to self-optimize, the next question would be to ask how? That would be from a concept called the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is the name given to any physical device embedded with sensors and software technology that allows that device to communicate with external devices and software systems. 


Our example is how HVAC ties into this. Suppose an HVAC is embedded with machine learning technology that utilizes IoT. As the HVAC learns how to self-optimize, it can then transfer information stored outside of itself into a database. 


This is where big data analytics comes into play. The information of that particular HVAC systems optimization patterns can be collected over time and built into charts to monitor the machine’s behavior. This can be used for maintenance, reviewing the average output, and much more. 


Omnia360 Provides Progressive Facility Solutions 

Omnia360 works to provide progressive facility solutions for all of our clients. We are your third-party facility solution provider that utilizes data to inform our decision-making process, so we can best provide for your company’s needs on all matters. 


To learn more about our products and services, please get in touch with us online, or give us a call at 833.360.6642. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Omnia360 Believes Integrated Facility Solutions Are The Pathway To Future Success

What Is Integrated Facility Solutions?

The key to understanding integrated facility solutions is to understand the meaning of the word ‘integrated’. The word integrated is used to describe the melding of many parts to create one unified whole of a thing, system, or idea. 

Integration is directly related to innovation in the world of facility management. Integrated facility solutions bring together technology, efficiency analysis, and day-to-day operations to create a smooth and highly efficient daily process for each business.

Designating one point of contact is emphasized, to alleviate potential miscommunications and to ensure the job is done well.


How Do We Incorporate Them?

Omnia360 utilizes integrated facility solutions by taking a collaborative approach to understanding our client’s needs. We offer our clients a variety of services and create facility packages that suit their needs. Our goal is to provide one point of contact for all of your business facility needs. We then dispatch our team to service it quickly and efficiently. 


How Could You Benefit?

With the use of modern technology for efficiency analysis and scheduling patterns, we can guarantee a job done right. Our goal is to alleviate your need to focus on the mundane processes of day-to-day maintenance, so you can focus on innovating for the future. 


Omnia360 Provides Facility Management Solutions 

Our clients receive specialized care and attention throughout every service we provide to them. If you have groundskeeping that needs to be addressed, need a supervised schedule of facility site maintenance and code adherence, or are seeking an integrated solution, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today and allow us to show you how we can service your facility.

Is Your Facility Ready For The Return To Office This Fall? Omnia360 Weighs In

The return to work has been long anticipated by workers across the country. Work from home is a viable option for many individuals seeking to personalize their daily routine. However, not all workers benefit from the isolated atmosphere of a home environment. Many parents find it is more beneficial to isolate their work environment from home to allow for compartmentalization of the stress of work from the relaxation of family. 


This being said, all options are right as long as they work for you! In today’s blog, Omnia360 will discuss the best ways to tackle the transition back to the office for those who favor a day-to-day workplace. 


Regulate Your Sleep Schedule

When we are not dedicated to a daily routine, it is likely our sleep patterns reflect that lack of routine. Sleeping at odd hours to accommodate the restless state of mind that can come with combining your living and home environment can be detrimental to the transition back to the office work environment. 


Putting away all devices one hour before bedtime, and focusing on calming and mindful techniques to relax is highly recommended to fall asleep at a regular time. You’ll thank yourself the next day at work when you are rested and ready to take on the day!


Redecorate Your Work Space

Your work space can feel impersonal after a long absence from the office environment. Omnia360 recommends decorating your area with personal photos that complement your personality. Throw up a few photos of your kids, partner, or friends to give your work space a homey feel.


Adding in familiar elements from home will help relieve the anxious energy associated with your transition back to the office. It’ll also help your in-office space stand out from what can feel like mundane decorating procedures determined by corporate. 


Take It Slow

More than anything it’s important to internally check-in with yourself as you adjust back to your in-office workspace. Omnia360 understands that displacement can occur when workers change their atmosphere after a stressful season of working in isolation. We want to support you as you adjust back to the dynamics of the daily office environment. Having regular check-ins with your boss and coworkers, and investing in the ‘now’ of the moment will help with these feelings as they arise. 


Omnia360 Cares About The Return To Office Transition

We understand that the return to in-person office work requires a more hands-on approach to day-to-day worker operations and needs. Omnia360 wants to support your business during this time by assisting with daily groundskeeping, onsite maintenance, and facility management solutions. Contact us today if you are interested in receiving additional assistance with your onsite facility needs. 

How Technology Is Integrating Into Facility Solutions, Omnia360

Innovations in the technological world aid corporations to integrate facility solutions into their software systems under one platform; technology is all-encompassing and ever-changing. Management teams are tasked with the goals to reduce costs and improve business operations. How does technology fit into this notion, and what forms of technology apply to integrated facility solutions? To remain successful in this digital age, staying up-to-date with technological devices and trends is imperative in propelling your business towards success. In today’s blog by Omnia360, we discuss how technology is integrating into facility solutions. 


Artificial Intelligence and Automation


AI technologies like voice recognition perform automated controls that popularize the software solution industry as we know it. Machine learning enables the apparatus to listen, understand, and perform voice-operated tasks for future results and learn predictive measures. These technologies complement analytical software to draw reports, analyze, and store data faster than the average human. AI advancement fosters work efficiency and rapid processes, allowing team leaders to understand the software if issues or defects arise proactively. 


Project Management Apps 


Project management software helps maintain the workforce needs and promotes rapid responses to complex and straightforward concerns. Project management apps work well with facility solutions because it integrates the entire team under one communicative platform. This technology improves work experience by reducing confusion and providing quick access to a supervisor or department head. Team network applications accelerate operational fluidity and allow the team to plan. 


Augmented Reality 


Augmented reality is advancing facility solutions by changing the blueprinting and visualization dynamic. AR applications create an immersive digital realm portraying 3D images to showcase what a wall or structure will look like in the physical world. Imagine taking a picture of a living room and through AR dragging and dropping the exact 3D image of your dream couch? In a simplified sense, technology integration solves facility management to achieve cost reduction and promotes productivity. 


Integration Tips With Omnia360 


Facility management is more than just service; it is a skill that we dedicate to our business model. We offer project management, landscaping, facility management, and more. We design our services to help business owners focus less on micromanagement and focus more on core business values. Contact us today to learn more about how we integrate facility solutions software for better business metrics.