Top 5 Facility Management Software (2022)

Organizations and companies are increasingly stretched to perform on a variety of avenues in today’s modern digital landscape. In 2022, to stay competitive, your team needs facility management software that can meet your company’s goals.  

In today’s post, Omnia360 explains what facilities management software is, as well as some of the best facility management software products for this year. 

What is a Facilities Management Software? 

There are two types. 

Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software focuses on administrative duties, allowing facility managers to manage all activities in their facility (reporting, planning, asset management and reactive and preventative maintenance).

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software offers the same features but adds additional support for maintenance functions (asset tracking, simplified preventative maintenance tasks, centralized planning, and scheduling). 

Why Purchase a Facilities Management Software? 

In a market inundated with lightning-fast information processing, your company needs actionable data-driven insights to help increase productivity, cash flow, and operational efficiency. 

Finding the best facilities management software is critical to your success in this regard. But you have to know what to look for.  

Features of a Good FM Software

  • Detailed Tracking to allow managers to spot trends and avoid roadblocks
  • Simplified Layout and Process – easy for your team to use
  • Transparency – all internal processes are clear and easy to track and measure
  • Clear Communication – sharing information between stakeholders is easy

There are even more great benefits to having good FM software which are hard to ignore.  

Work Order Management

Managing a growing list of work orders and executing projects in a timely manner is something that can be outsourced to a high-quality facilities management service. 

Predicting & Reporting Data on KPIs

Shifting priorities on the fly is needed in today’s fast-paced market. Facilities management software that is able to analyze internal logistical data, whether it’s sales, employee performance, retention, or project deadline completion, is a must-have. 

Preventive & Predictive Maintenance

Having software that is on the cloud means that managers will be able to perform inspections and create work orders on their mobile phones. They’ll also accurately be able to predict where operations might be lagging and what internal improvements can be made. 


Top 5 Facilities Management Software Products 

    1.) FMX

This is a full-service FM software that gives the option to track equipment effectiveness, create lifecycle mapping and manage your budget. 

    2.) eMaint

This is a great software for tracking all the work done in each asset and auto-generate detailed productivity reports. 

    3.) NETFacilities

This cloud-based CMMS works for nearly any industry. You can access your assets from anywhere and manage workloads with ease. 

    4.) Planon

This integrated software helps to simplify business processes and reduce lifecycle expenses for those in the real estate industry. 

    5.) MPulse

This technology lets you better manage inventory, budget expenses, and track ongoing issues related to preventative maintenance.

Omnia360 Provides Top-Tier Facility Solutions 

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