Save Money and Cut Costs with Facility Management Services: Here’s How

Costs are rising. It’s part of why companies are looking to stay profitable and ahead of the curve. Hiring a facility management solutions company is one way to do just that.

In today’s blog post, Omnia360 explains how your business can save on costs with comprehensive facility management services. 

FM Creates a PMP (preventative maintenance plan) 

Preventing costly repairs from happening in the first place is a critical part of facility management services. A preventative maintenance plan can shield you from costly out-of-the-blue repairs from coming up. 

An experienced FM manager can use a PMP as part of a way to track and manage your operation’s profitability. 

Proactive, emergency and preventative maintenance is also offered. Expert FM managers work closely with your team to create a preventative maintenance plan that accounts for any potential bottlenecks to your facility’s operability.  

Get a Big Picture Overview 

With a facility management service that has adopted virtual technologies and project management software, like computer-assisted facility management software, seeing the big picture, predicting maintenance bottlenecks and proactively working to prevent costly breaks in workflow are done easily. 

Boost Operational Efficiency

Consolidating your services into a single provider with high quality, cross-trained technicians, is a great way to fulfill multiple paid roles with a single paycheck. 

You won’t have to worry about hiring individual professionals for each work order. It’s all covered under a single payment. 

With proper FM tools and management, your business can expect a more streamlined efficiency on a variety of fronts: 

  • Work order requests
  • Employee sign-in/sign-out of work
  • Inventory control
  • Task management
  • Meeting reservations
  • Checking in guests or customers
  • Portering management

Preserve Your Investments  

Asset life cycle analysis can be performed to help extend your budget over time. You want your business or plant to have high-performing technical apparatuses that don’t break down and increase your overhead costs in the long run. 

Our integrated on-site management services ensure that your building’s infrastructure continues to operate with high efficiency and low running costs. 

Streamline Workplace Productivity 

It’s a well-known fact that in a post-pandemic economy, many workplaces are looking to enhance the safety and productivity of their workforce with strategic office layouts and improved work spaces. Comprehensive FM services do just that. 

Our FM managers work closely with you to strategically identify any work processes, products and inter-departmental functions that could be optimized for greater productivity. 

Lower Your Monthly Energy Costs

Monitoring and improving your indoor air quality goes a long way in satisfying  any customers that may enter your building. A poor HVAC system leads to inefficient energy usage, driving your energy bill through the roof.

Impaired operability can be rooted in any number of issues, like low refrigerant, a dulled or broken fan or worn out motor. Our expert, cross-trained mobile technicians can assess and resolve the issue quickly, saving you unnecessary expenses. 

Our facility management team implements cost-saving ideas and strategies to reduce maintenance costs and present a great ROI for your company. 

Give Your Employees a Better Work Environment 

A well-functioning facility gives employees and customers a nicer environment in which to work in. It can reduce distraction and promote employee productivity.  

Whether it’s a broken lightbulb, poor-functioning HVAC system or leaking faucet, our cross-trained specialists can repair it on time.

You also don’t want to have to shut down your operations and lose out on potential profit and productivity. Comprehensive preventative maintenance plans prevent this. 

Consolidating Work Orders and Contracts

Commercial buildings and large-scale facilities need janitorial cleaning services to mop floors, clean windows, remove waste and more. 

The cost adds up when you take into account any extra contracting expenses from electrical, plumbing or HVAC repairs. An FM service will cover it all in a single contract payment.

Manage Multiple Facilities Under a Single Payment 

Time is money. If you’re managing multiple locations, you’ll need a simplified way of tracking progress across each location. This is where comprehensive facility management services come in handy. 

Saving time with outsourcing all of your miscellaneous maintenance tasks frees up your time to allocate resources more efficiently to other portions of your business. 

Contact Omnia360 for FM Services that Save Money Today

Omnia360 serves as an extension of your team, on call 24/7 and ready to provide technical support and solutions to any on-site issue your facility might face, from janitorial, plumbing and electrical work, to groundskeeping and HVAC maintenance. Contact us for more information about working together today.

Integrated Facility Solutions for Eco-Friendly Buildings

A major trend in the facility management industry is using eco-friendly, “green” practices when maintaining buildings. This move follows on the heels of the national and worldwide motivation to reduce the carbon footprint. 


In today’s blog, Omnia360 explains how integrated facility solutions can work to promote eco-friendly buildings. 


What does Sustainable Facility Management (SFM) Mean? 

It’s a process that involves implementing operational or structural changes that incorporate efficiency, comfort, safety, and productivity to ensure more environmentally friendly practices at a facility. 


Implementing sustainable facility management involves taking action on multiple fronts: 

  • Regular maintenance to your building’s infrastructure (HVAC or Plumbing)
  • Utilizing eco-friendly products, tools, and materials at work 
  • Promoting energy-efficient practices and behaviors, like recycling

Using energy-efficient equipment, alongside environmentally-friendly maintenance practices, is part of what makes a facility eco-friendly and promotes a lower carbon footprint. 

Regular maintenance, especially from cross-trained industry professionals like those at Omnia360, helps to mitigate against wasteful energy usage, whether it’s an ineffective plumbing or HVAC system that’s causing it.  

Monitor Eco-Friendly Improvements and Goals

What gets measured and tracked, gets improved. Setting up a plan to monitor performance is done in order to ensure your facility is minimizing its carbon footprint, while still operating productively. 


Here’s an example. You might account for all the paper printing at your office, then decide on which documents can be shifted into strictly digital assets, avoiding unnecessary paper printing. 


Utilize Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

If your office needs cleaning, you can choose to have “green” cleaning products be used to get the job done. Many industrial cleaning products contain hazardous chemicals that, if not disposed of properly, end up causing environmental harm. 

eco friendly facility solutions with iPad, charts and data sheets on green background

Sustainability Analytics 

A facility management team can identify and track progress on key metrics that pertain to the eco-friendly performance of your facility. What gets measured and tracked, gets improved upon. This includes your building’s carbon footprint. 

Leverage the Help of a Management System

A CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System) can improve internal operations and lend to developing a more sustainable method of updating and maintaining your building. You can read our related article about the top facility management software products.


Preventative Maintenance 

Omnia360 offers a trained staff of handymen and trade professionals who provide 24/7 maintenance to ensure your facility is running optimally and is the most eco-friendly possible. 


Update Infrastructure 

Let’s say your HVAC system is outdated and is underperforming, this costs your company more money on monthly energy bills. As a green solution, you might decide to install cool or green roofing, or even solar energy panels, if your budget allows for it. 

eco friendly facility solutions with iPad, charts and data sheets on green background

Hiring a professional all-in-one third-party contractor like Omnia360 allows you to get up-to-date infrastructure installed quickly and easily. 

Lighting systems

Use natural light as often as possible. Opening the windows more creates more natural light around the office, as well as sparingly using lights in adjacent, low-occupation rooms in your building. Installing LED lights can help save both on your monthly bill and lower your energy consumption. 


Heating and Cooling Systems

Your building’s HVAC is an important part of what makes it an eco-friendly facility. Having the right equipment and the right repairs being completed by a skilled facility management company will not only save you money but offer you a more eco-friendly building. 


Efficient Use of Office Space 

Restructuring how your office workspaces are laid out to reduce space leads to less energy consumption. This is even more so the case today, with the advent of people working remotely from coffee shops or homes rather than office cubicles. 

employees typing on computers in efficient, small-scale workspace

Efficient Water Irrigation Systems 

Making good use of your building’s water management is also important when attempting to be eco-friendly. Water-efficient lawn care for your business can often mean growing vegetation that is native to your local climate. Even creating indoor spaces for moisture-absorbing plants can aid in promoting fresh, breathable air and lower humidity levels for employees and customers to enjoy. 


Contact Omnia360 for Eco-Friendly FM Solutions

Our company can work with you to make your facility more environmentally friendly and efficient all the way around. Think of us as an extension of your workforce that is there as a resource to support you expand your business operations. Contact us today for more information about our bundled services and management solutions.

Complete Facility Solutions for StartUps: Omnia360 Weighs in

The world of startups is characterized by an often-times chaotic, fast-paced, competitive and volatile atmosphere. In fact, according to most research studies, two-thirds of startups fail. Why? There are many reasons. But it’s largely due to inadequate internal processes or poor management. 

That’s why working with a high-quality facility solutions management company can make the difference between success and failure, especially in the early stages of startup development. 

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how Omnia360’s facility management solutions can help bolster your startup’s success. 

How Facility Management Solutions Help Startups

Here are some of the main reasons why startups go bust, and here’s why we can help prevent it. 

  • Not having enough cash flow.

Through a comprehensive assessment of your operation, and with the help of a large network of technicians, you can save your cash and reallocate it towards new revenue-generating strategies. 

  • Not having the right people.

By teaming up with Omnia360, our expert consultants can help you create a holistic strategy for how to optimize employee performance and fill in talent gaps. 

  • Outsourcing to poor-performing third-party businesses.

Our technicians are hand-picked to meet your startup’s specific needs, repairing and maintaining your facility. 

  • Having inadequate internal management processes. 

Omnia360’s professionals coordinate with your team to manage projects of scale, gather data, develop a plan, build a team, and resolve bottlenecks. 

Streamline Your Internal Management Operations

We streamline your business’s internal operations so that you and your team can innovate and perform in an agile and efficient way. Our highly specialized audit takes into account your company’s unique strengths and hindrances. 

Applying a blend of personal service and customizable solutions, we work with you and your team to revamp facility operations to better overcome internal bottlenecks and maximize your productivity goals.

Our expert consulting staff and cross-trained technicians work to realize three important benefits for your startup. 

  • Save Time – have a single-point-of-contact solution for all on-site installations or repairs. 
  • Save Money – consolidate all third-party contractor costs into a customizable service bundle.
  • Boost Efficiency – prioritize, simplify and expedite key internal work processes for maximum efficiency.


One-Stop for All Repair and Maintenance Contract Work

For starters, saving time and money is essential in the startup world of shoe-string budgets and progressive technological disruption. You’ll save money on getting all of your third-party contract labor from one place— Omnia360. Our technicians are flexible and available to come by your startup’s facility at any time. 

Save Your Company’s Budget with Outsourcing 

Outsource time-consuming job duties to a reliable third-party network of professionals at Omnia360. Our technicians are cross-trained in a variety of industries, including those of HVAC, pest-control, electrical repair, landscaping, and much more. 

Omnia360 Creates the Best Environment for your Startup

We integrate people, locations, processes, and technologies to best suit your business’s needs and accelerate your growth. Whatever your business needs help with, whether it’s your office’s temperature control, ventilation, or safety inspections on office equipment, we can ensure your startup has a suitable environment for business growth. 

Get a Customizable, Integrated Solution with Omnia360

Discover how Omnia360 can help you manage your facility and improve your company’s earning potential today. For more information on our services or for a free business assessment, call us today or submit a contact form. 

Utilizing Integrated Facility Solutions in Spring Cleaning: Omnia360 Explains

Spring is upon us and just like flowers and plants emerging from winter, it’s a time for your business to grow, expand and achieve a more streamlined efficiency. It’s time for some spring cleaning. 

Work orders might have piled up over the winter, and there may even be plenty of maintenance or repair work needed at your office. Integrated facility management solutions can make your company’s spring cleaning a breeze. 

In today’s blog, our team at Omnia360 explains how using integrated facility solutions services allows your company to quickly and thoroughly complete its spring cleaning.

Have a Single Point of Contact for Third-Party Contracts

You don’t have to juggle work orders, emails, and phone calls for dozens of third-party contractors just to get some spring cleaning done. Streamline the entire process by getting any spring cleaning maintenance or repair service from one firm, with the ease and simplicity of one phone call.  

At Omnia360, we host a network of industry cross-trained professional technicians who serve as an extension of your own workforce; on call 24/7, our technicians can show up to your business location and fix whatever issue you might be faced with. 

Some of our specialties include (but aren’t limited to)

  • Landscaping 
  • Electrical repair 
  • HVAC maintenance, installation, and repair
  • Pest removal
  • Landscaping 
  • Plumbing and general handyman services

Outsource to Save Time, Money and Energy 

As a business owner, you know that your company needs to stay competitive in a tightening market. Omnia360’s facility management solutions helps you to do just that. 

By outsourcing your maintenance and repair needs to a single third-party provider, you’ll not only be able to cut down on your expenses, but you’ll gain the opportunity to reallocate your finite time and energy towards optimizing your business’s internal operations

Teaming up with Omnia360 saves your company time and manpower that is better used for increasing your profitability, making internal management shifts, reprioritizing your marketing efforts, or, perhaps, expanding into new markets for the coming quarter.

Preventative Maintenance and Securing your Investment

They say prevention is the best cure. We make sure your facility, and the equipment it runs on, are running smoothly. We analyze your business’s specific needs and hand-select a custom team of cross-trained professionals who can best manage your facility’s grounds. 

We offer comprehensive, mobile, and integrated maintenance duties, including lawn care, cleaning your ductless HVAC system, or sanitizing your offices.

Find the Best Facility Solution Services Today

For information about how Omnia360’s integrated facility management service options can help simplify, streamline and energize your company’s internal and external operations, give us a call today at 833.360.6642, or fill out a contact form on our website. 

How Groundskeeping Companies Benefit from Omnia360 Facility Solutions

You probably run a groundskeeping business because you love the outdoors and want to stay far away from stacks of desk paperwork. Thankfully, Omnia360 has facilities management services to help you streamline your internal operations so you can run your business the way you want.  

In today’s blog, we discuss how groundskeeping services can benefit from our facility management solutions. 

How Can Groundskeeping Businesses Benefit?

Omnia360 works with groundskeeping businesses to save time, money and improve customer relations by optimizing a variety of internal business operations. 

  • System of records – to track every bit of your business’s operations
  • Work order tracking – track orders as they come in and are completed
  • Cost analysis on work projects – find if you’re over or under budget
  • Easier workplace operations – better operations means less stressed employees and greater productivity
  • Technology integration – access and share critical workflow information across multiple departments and constituents

3-Steps to Implementing Facility Management Solutions 

  • Define – We define the issues that are hindering your company’s ability to be agile by using accurate metrics and the latest software
  • Solve – We strategize and find new ways to solve the issue, creating new workflow models and internal maintenance reviews.
  • Execute – We collaborate with your team to implement best practices that serve to improve efficiency and lower your costs.

Omnia360 Solves Day-to-Day Operational Bottlenecks

To overcome bottlenecks, we analyze your groundskeeping business’s performance and strategize ways to improve internal processes, be it collecting customer data or organizing work orders for lawn care.

For example

  • Having too many tasks and not enough time 
  • Training new employees 
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Maintaining steady cashflow 

You Get a Network of Resources at Your Disposal

By teaming up with Omnia360 and buying an integrated facility solutions package, your groundskeeping business obtains access to a plethora of resources, including reliable technicians from our in-house staff or from a network of third-party contractors.

You Can Outsource Specific Workflows 

Save time and money by outsourcing any time-intensive labor to our team. We can assist your groundskeeping crew in mowing, fertilizing, digging, sod laying or sprinkler installation — just to name a few. 

Our cross-trained technicians can maintain your groundskeeping equipment or fill a variety of other roles: electrical repair, HVAC maintenance, pest control or landscaping. 

You can think of us as an extension of your team. If a job needs to be done, whether it’s 4 a.m. or four in the afternoon, our mobile technicians can show up on-site and complete it. Outsourcing saves you time and money that you can then reallocate towards other parts of your business.

Project Management for Groundskeeping Businesses

Not only do we work with your team step-by-step, on-site, to help maximize productivity, we specialize in excellent project management workflows that get your major short-term and long-term projects finished with ease.

Manage Your Facility with Omnia360

Omnia360 integrates facility management with efficient operations for project management. If you’re interested in receiving a collaborative solution, project management, mobile, or site-based solutions, we’d love to hear from you!

To learn more about our products and services, or to get a free assessment, please get in touch with us online, or give us a call at 833.360.6642. We’re looking forward to helping your facility succeed. 

Top 5 Facility Management Software (2022)

Organizations and companies are increasingly stretched to perform on a variety of avenues in today’s modern digital landscape. In 2022, to stay competitive, your team needs facility management software that can meet your company’s goals.  

In today’s post, Omnia360 explains what facilities management software is, as well as some of the best facility management software products for this year. 

What is a Facilities Management Software? 

There are two types. 

Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software focuses on administrative duties, allowing facility managers to manage all activities in their facility (reporting, planning, asset management and reactive and preventative maintenance).

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software offers the same features but adds additional support for maintenance functions (asset tracking, simplified preventative maintenance tasks, centralized planning, and scheduling). 

Why Purchase a Facilities Management Software? 

In a market inundated with lightning-fast information processing, your company needs actionable data-driven insights to help increase productivity, cash flow, and operational efficiency. 

Finding the best facilities management software is critical to your success in this regard. But you have to know what to look for.  

Features of a Good FM Software

  • Detailed Tracking to allow managers to spot trends and avoid roadblocks
  • Simplified Layout and Process – easy for your team to use
  • Transparency – all internal processes are clear and easy to track and measure
  • Clear Communication – sharing information between stakeholders is easy

There are even more great benefits to having good FM software which are hard to ignore.  

Work Order Management

Managing a growing list of work orders and executing projects in a timely manner is something that can be outsourced to a high-quality facilities management service. 

Predicting & Reporting Data on KPIs

Shifting priorities on the fly is needed in today’s fast-paced market. Facilities management software that is able to analyze internal logistical data, whether it’s sales, employee performance, retention, or project deadline completion, is a must-have. 

Preventive & Predictive Maintenance

Having software that is on the cloud means that managers will be able to perform inspections and create work orders on their mobile phones. They’ll also accurately be able to predict where operations might be lagging and what internal improvements can be made. 


Top 5 Facilities Management Software Products 

    1.) FMX

This is a full-service FM software that gives the option to track equipment effectiveness, create lifecycle mapping and manage your budget. 

    2.) eMaint

This is a great software for tracking all the work done in each asset and auto-generate detailed productivity reports. 

    3.) NETFacilities

This cloud-based CMMS works for nearly any industry. You can access your assets from anywhere and manage workloads with ease. 

    4.) Planon

This integrated software helps to simplify business processes and reduce lifecycle expenses for those in the real estate industry. 

    5.) MPulse

This technology lets you better manage inventory, budget expenses, and track ongoing issues related to preventative maintenance.

Omnia360 Provides Top-Tier Facility Solutions 

Omnia360 works to provide you with progressive facility solutions that increase your business’s operational efficiency and productivity. 

To learn more about our products and services, particularly our software and mobile support solutions, please get in touch with us online or give us a call at 833.360.6642. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


How Facility Management Software Streamlines Facility Management Solutions

Digitization of tasks is leading toward a more productive and automated future. Service Channel states that facilitation of tasks will create 24/7 brand support for all locations, while also offering strategic insight into maintenance costs and resource allocation. 

Omnia360 specializes in providing the integrated facility solutions you need to ensure maximum productivity. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how facility management software streamlines facility management solutions.

What Does It Do?

In our comprehensive, integrated facility solutions bundle, we provide your business only the facility solutions you need. This includes our software and remote mobile support solutions. 

We offer 24/7 contact support and are just a phone call away for those late-night plumbing emergencies or clarification calls on how to reprogram the HVAC system. The goal is to make your business flow efficiently and smoothly in all daily operations.

Is Mobile Support Really the Same as On-Site Support?

We’re so glad you asked, and yes, it is! The staff for our 24/7 mobile support center receives high-quality technical troubleshooting training that prepares them on all knowledge fronts for your questions and emergency moments. The point is to streamline communication. If our software needs assistance, then our mobile support technician can immediately order you the fix over the phone. 

Your fix will be on its way in a matter of minutes, instead of waiting for one to two business days for support. If you’re still feeling a bit iffy on mobile support, we also offer on-site solution packages as well. The point of our facility management software is designed to meet your needs. This means we can tailor it to your specific needs and desires as necessary.

Can I Control My HVAC System With My Software?

Absolutely! You can control your entire facility management system with it, as well as review analytics and daily functioning for all of your business locations. 

This streamlines your process and offers a more condensed approach to daily facility management. Having access to our software regularly, or our team, will make all the difference in noticing inefficiencies immediately.

Omnia360 Provides Progressive Facility Solutions 

Omnia360 works to provide progressive facility management solutions for all of our clients. We are your third-party facility solution provider that utilizes data to inform our decision-making process, so we can best provide for your company’s needs on all matters. 

To learn more about our products and services, particularly our software and mobile support solutions, please get in touch with us online, or give us a call at 833.360.6642. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

How Project Management Might Be The Answer To Your Facility Solutions Needs

The growth of modern business includes all categories from technology to project management. How a business navigates quick and often unexpected changes can be the deciding factor of success or failure. Moments of movement in a business are often conducted through short-term projects. This is where project management shines. 


Our team at Omnia360 specializes in project management for businesses seeking onsite and digital facility solutions. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how project management might be the answer to your facility solutions needs. 


When Is Project Management Right For Your Team?

Omnia360 project management services are provided as a method of solving your company’s day-to-day facility management problems.


We work to assess each of the inside parts of your facility’s operations, develop a timeline of completion, and then match our skillset to your team’s skills to create a smooth transition.  


Do You Have A Short-Term Project?

Project management thrives best when embraced for a short contract. Is your company currently in transition or understaffed? Are you trying to find a solution that is smooth, efficient, and rooted in data-driven execution? 


Omnia360 is perfect for this kind of project because we specialize in providing project management for short-term, efficient solutions. We will review your project needs, your staff’s skillsets, and fill in the rest of the blanks with our data-driven solutions and attentive staff. 


Do You Know How To Optimize Efficiency?

If you don’t, we do! We can do it for you. Our staff sits down to establish the main point of contact for all projects, and then we help you decide where we can fill in the holes to best support your team. 


Doing Whatever It Takes

Our ultimate goal is to maximize efficiency for your company. Our team at Omnia360 does this by using cutting-edge technology, informed decision-making, and clear communication. 


This means, we do our part to do whatever it takes to bring your project results, and ultimately make your company successful. We will fill in the spaces in person and digitally. 


If you’re not quite settled on an onsite team, we’re happy to provide our mobile solutions line to your business. Our team of mobile technicians provides onsite staff expertise with the convenience of a mobile solution. 


Omnia360 Understands Your Project Management Needs

Omnia360 Integrates Facility Management with efficient operations for project management. If you’re interested in receiving a collaborative solution, project management, mobile, or site-based solutions, we’d love to hear from you!

To learn more about our products and services, please get in touch with us online, or give us a call at 833.360.6642. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


How Omnia360 Is Your Business’ Complete Facility Solution

Efficiency is the name, and how to maximize it is the constant question companies are asking themselves. For many, it is the difference between falling behind and getting ahead of competitors. 


Omnia360 understands this, and we work hard to provide competitive facility solutions to each of our customers. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how we are your business’ complete facility solution. 


What Are Facility Solutions?

Facility Solutions is another term for Facility Management. According to an article released by Sandra Tranchard with the International Organization for Standardization, “Professional facilities management, as an interdisciplinary business function, aims to coordinate the demand and supply of facilities and services within public and private organizations,” (Tranchard, ISO). 


The facility solutions industry is both multifaceted and fast-growing. Businesses around the world are seeking a third-party provider to handle their groundskeeping, daily facility maintenance, project management, and consultations on HVAC standardization. 


Omnia360 specializes in all of these areas of expertise, and we are happy to work with you to fulfill your business needs as your third-party facility solution provider. We know well-integrated facility solutions are key to success.


Technology In Facility Solutions

Digital third-party facility solutions are also fast-growing, and are often outsourced by businesses who need a 24/7 service to be available to answer their calls. 


Offering third-party solutions through our 24/7 service line is something Omnia360 works hard to provide to each of our customers. Our digital service professionals are trained expertly in site maintenance and care that is specific to your company.


Outsourcing Facility Solutions

Outsourcing is the most efficient way to meet the needs of your day-to-day business operations while receiving the most knowledgeable help possible. 


Omnia360 is a third-party solution provider for day-to-day business operations. We specialize in providing HVAC assistance, project management, and various other facility solutions such as onsite management. 


We consult with each customer on their direct needs, and the most efficient path to meet them.

Omnia360 Provides Progressive Facility Solutions 

Omnia360 works to provide progressive facility solutions for all of our clients. We are your third-party facility solution provider that utilizes data to inform our decision-making process, so we can best provide for your company’s needs on all matters. 


To learn more about our products and services, please get in touch with us online, or give us a call at 833.360.6642. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Examples of Digital Facility Solutions, Omnia360

Data informs all decisions in the modern world, and why wouldn’t it? Currently, there are thousands of analytics companies that specialize in providing informational data to consumers and businesses for digital facility solutions. 


This is a significant plus in the facility management world because it mitigates the need to collect this information from specific units. It somewhat streamlines the process using: Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning/AI, and the Internet of Things. 


These terms can be complex concepts to understand, but our team at Omnia360 Facility Solutions is happy to assist in today’s blog. 


Digital Facility Solutions & Big Data Analytics

In the field of Facility Management, data-driven decision-making exists in the use of digital facility solutions. This means everything from wireless internet to the use of electronic management systems. 


Big data analytics has been used to track click patterns on websites to the movement of employee tags in organizations. It all connects to big data analytics as a method of improving efficiencies. 


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The ability for machines to self-regulate by learning patterns of behavior associated with their operators is highly effective in facility management. Big data analytics helps with this. 


Take an HVAC unit, for example. An HVAC without machine learning technology will run on the settings directed to it and provide analytics on daily run-time. However, if machine learning were to be included in the building of an HVAC unit, the unit would be able to self-optimize run time, the output of air and provide analytics on that information all on its own. 


This behavior pattern would begin when the operator first programs the unit to self-run. Then with daily monitoring of production, it would self-optimize and begin developing altered behavior patterns for different external stimuli.


Internet of Things (IoT)

So, if this were the case, if an HVAC can learn how to self-optimize, the next question would be to ask how? That would be from a concept called the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is the name given to any physical device embedded with sensors and software technology that allows that device to communicate with external devices and software systems. 


Our example is how HVAC ties into this. Suppose an HVAC is embedded with machine learning technology that utilizes IoT. As the HVAC learns how to self-optimize, it can then transfer information stored outside of itself into a database. 


This is where big data analytics comes into play. The information of that particular HVAC systems optimization patterns can be collected over time and built into charts to monitor the machine’s behavior. This can be used for maintenance, reviewing the average output, and much more. 


Omnia360 Provides Progressive Facility Solutions 

Omnia360 works to provide progressive facility solutions for all of our clients. We are your third-party facility solution provider that utilizes data to inform our decision-making process, so we can best provide for your company’s needs on all matters. 


To learn more about our products and services, please get in touch with us online, or give us a call at 833.360.6642. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.