Is Your Facility Ready For The Return To Office This Fall? Omnia360 Weighs In

The return to work has been long anticipated by workers across the country. Work from home is a viable option for many individuals seeking to personalize their daily routine. However, not all workers benefit from the isolated atmosphere of a home environment. Many parents find it is more beneficial to isolate their work environment from home to allow for compartmentalization of the stress of work from the relaxation of family. 


This being said, all options are right as long as they work for you! In today’s blog, Omnia360 will discuss the best ways to tackle the transition back to the office for those who favor a day-to-day workplace. 


Regulate Your Sleep Schedule

When we are not dedicated to a daily routine, it is likely our sleep patterns reflect that lack of routine. Sleeping at odd hours to accommodate the restless state of mind that can come with combining your living and home environment can be detrimental to the transition back to the office work environment. 


Putting away all devices one hour before bedtime, and focusing on calming and mindful techniques to relax is highly recommended to fall asleep at a regular time. You’ll thank yourself the next day at work when you are rested and ready to take on the day!


Redecorate Your Work Space

Your work space can feel impersonal after a long absence from the office environment. Omnia360 recommends decorating your area with personal photos that complement your personality. Throw up a few photos of your kids, partner, or friends to give your work space a homey feel.


Adding in familiar elements from home will help relieve the anxious energy associated with your transition back to the office. It’ll also help your in-office space stand out from what can feel like mundane decorating procedures determined by corporate. 


Take It Slow

More than anything it’s important to internally check-in with yourself as you adjust back to your in-office workspace. Omnia360 understands that displacement can occur when workers change their atmosphere after a stressful season of working in isolation. We want to support you as you adjust back to the dynamics of the daily office environment. Having regular check-ins with your boss and coworkers, and investing in the ‘now’ of the moment will help with these feelings as they arise. 


Omnia360 Cares About The Return To Office Transition

We understand that the return to in-person office work requires a more hands-on approach to day-to-day worker operations and needs. Omnia360 wants to support your business during this time by assisting with daily groundskeeping, onsite maintenance, and facility management solutions. Contact us today if you are interested in receiving additional assistance with your onsite facility needs.