How To Fight Fatigue In The World Of Facility Management, Omnia360 Explains

Work fatigue is overlooked as a risk factor in the work environment when it determines an employee’s performance level. 


Without proper sleep, our bodies shut down and impair our ability to carry out tasks efficiently. Statistics show that in the short term, work fatigue due to stress or lack of sleep raises cortisol levels causing high blood pressure and obesity, negatively impacts mood, and increases the likelihood of work or car-related accidents. 


Covid-19 impaired the health of thousands of employees alone in 2020, causing healthy employees to make up for being short-staffed by working overtime. Being awake for a particular time can cause hallucinations, memory loss, or organ failure. In today’s blog by Omnia360, we demonstrate ways to fight fatigue in the workplace and the world of facility management. 


Always Sleep 8-9 Hours Per Night


Getting enough sleep may seem like an obvious solution, but based on a study by the Sleep Foundation, 35% of adults report sleeping less than 7 hours per night. Lack of sleep is a direct contributor to workplace fatigue, increasing the chances of work errors and poor quality. Adequate sleep is essential in the world of facility management since it involves many systems integrated into one. When one structure crumbles, the entire foundation falls. Sticking to a strict schedule is one way to combat work fatigue while disciplining yourself to make healthier choices. 


Add Natural Energizing Supplements into Your Diet


Incorporating foods and multi-vitamins into your diet fights fatigue and fulfills your daily nutritional intake. Magnesium and iron are two supplements, when taken together, boost energy and improve sleep. Magnesium and iron are abundant throughout the body, supporting nerve and cellular function. On average, humans do not get enough nutrients to fulfill their daily requirements. Vitamins high in magnesium, iron, and B12 help fight fatigue and keep you energized throughout the day. Foods that also supply energy include:


  • Bananas
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Chia seeds
  • Cashews
  • Fish


Staying hydrated also reduces workplace fatigue and maintains cellular processes. Gatorade is an excellent replenishing drink option for those individuals who work outdoors in the sunlight. 


Take Breaks In Between Tasks


Give yourself a break in between tasks to reset your mind and body. Working non-stop is impossible. Taking a 10-15 minute break improves work efficiency more than working straight through, which increases the probability of work mistakes. Stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath and rest your body before heading back to your tasks. 


Wake Your Brain With Exercise


Exercise releases a chemical reaction in your brain that triggers post-workout elevation. Jogging in place for a few minutes or stretching prepares your brain for physical activity, pumping blood to the brain and elevating mood. A few small exercises to combat workplace fatigue include:


  • Climbing the stairs
  • Walking
  • Wall Sits
  • Lunge Stretches 


Speak to Your Supervisor 


If you are too exhausted to properly perform your duties, inform your supervisor or lead person right away. Health is far more important than one day of missed work. Check your work deadlines and work your load. If it’s a project that you can finish remotely, let your team know or go back early the next day to get ahead of your tasks. 


Fight Fatigue With Omnia360  


At Omnia360, we understand the importance of fighting fatigue in the facility management world. There are many moving parts to a sustainable business that requires more work than one person can handle on their own. This is where our team comes in, we focus on delivering facility management solutions, so our customers can focus on the core needs of their business. Don’t burn out; stay fresh and ready to go with the help of Omnia360. Contact us today for more information on how we may provide better service to your business.