How Regular Janitorial Inspections Save You Money by Omnia360

Janitorial inspections are a vital tool in your facility management arsenal. You may not think about janitorial services or inspections as important parts of your business. But implementing regular janitorial inspections can save you money in the long run. Omnia360 Facility Solutions explains in today’s blog.

Create a Checklist

First things first. Create a comprehensive checklist of things that your janitorial staff needs to keep an eye on during their rounds. This checklist focuses on all areas for cleaning, maintenance, and inspection. Why should you have regular inspections? Checklists are one sure way to get a true picture of the shape your facility is in.

What’s on your checklist? Quick-and-easy items. Paper towel dispensers filled and working? Check. Toilets not clogged or dirty? Check. Break room trash can empty? Check. Checklists should follow along with your janitorial staff’s ordinary course of duties. Once you create the checklist, it’s a standard tool your janitorial staff can use for years to come, and it can be updated as your needs change.

Train Janitors to Look for Problems

Janitors typically know when something is amiss because they understand what your facility should look like. Train your janitorial staff to look for problems. If there is a leak, sagging ceiling, misshapen pipe, or wrong temperature in a room, janitorial crews will notice. Then they’ll talk to the right personnel to correct the problem. 

A drafty window frame might not need attention right away, but a constantly dripping pipe does. Omnia360 can take care of these types of plumbing problems and maintenance issues.

Checklists Can Uncover Larger Issues

That small oil spot on the floor? It might uncover a larger issue. Perhaps an expensive piece of machinery passed that spot a few hours before a janitor spotted it. No one knew it had an oil leak until your janitorial crew noticed it. Your maintenance techs take a look at the equipment and correct the problem immediately before the oil leak causes overheating or large concerns that require the replacement of an engine, crankcase, or the entire machine. 

Omnia360’s team can look for these types of issues so you can prevent bigger problems that cost more money, shorten the lifespan of machinery, or cause expensive downtime. 

Contact Omnia360 for Janitorial Staff

Do you need a full janitorial team at your facility? How about a few people to supplement your internal team? Omnia360 can accomplish either one or anything in between. Contact Omnia360 online or call toll-free 1-833-360-6642 for more details on how we can assist with your janitorial needs.