Essential Tools for Facility Management Companies

Facility management requires the right tools to get the job done. Whether you already have a facility manager or you need help as your business expands, Omnia360 can help take your team to the next level. Today’s blog outlines essential tools for facility management companies.

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS),  covers all of the physical assets in your facility. The CMMS tracks the maintenance of your building, operations, and equipment. A robust CMMS allows you to easily add or subtract assets, maintain their value, and determine what needs maintenance next. Omnia360’s facility management solutions can provide you with world-class CMMS or work with your system to ensure timely services.

Work Order Requests

Omnia360 makes it easy to order R&M services, from HVAC and plumbing to handyman and electrical. Ordering R&M must be easy enough for you to select the services you need when you need them. Ask us about how to utilize our one-stop-shop for all of your facility management needs.

Problem-Solving Skills

Facility management companies need robust problem-solving skills. That means diverse minds with experience and expertise in the industry. The Omnia360 team offers more than 60 years of collective experience. We’ve seen a lot of things in our time, and our team understands how to prevent problems before they start.

Preventive and Scheduled Maintenance

The coordination for planned activities is critical to the success of any maintenance program.  The Omnia360 CMMS will automatically schedule and communicate planned activity and repetitive services.

Contact Omnia360 for Integrated Facility Management

Discover Omnia360 for integrated facility management solutions for your building. Our team offers expertise and problem-solving for your facility, whether you need an entire slate of services or a little extra help. Contact Omnia360 or call toll-free 1-833-360-6642 for more details.