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Data informs all decisions in the modern world, and why wouldn’t it? Currently, there are thousands of analytics companies that specialize in providing informational data to consumers and businesses for digital facility solutions. 


This is a significant plus in the facility management world because it mitigates the need to collect this information from specific units. It somewhat streamlines the process using: Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning/AI, and the Internet of Things. 


These terms can be complex concepts to understand, but our team at Omnia360 Facility Solutions is happy to assist in today’s blog. 


Digital Facility Solutions & Big Data Analytics

In the field of Facility Management, data-driven decision-making exists in the use of digital facility solutions. This means everything from wireless internet to the use of electronic management systems. 


Big data analytics has been used to track click patterns on websites to the movement of employee tags in organizations. It all connects to big data analytics as a method of improving efficiencies. 


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The ability for machines to self-regulate by learning patterns of behavior associated with their operators is highly effective in facility management. Big data analytics helps with this. 


Take an HVAC unit, for example. An HVAC without machine learning technology will run on the settings directed to it and provide analytics on daily run-time. However, if machine learning were to be included in the building of an HVAC unit, the unit would be able to self-optimize run time, the output of air and provide analytics on that information all on its own. 


This behavior pattern would begin when the operator first programs the unit to self-run. Then with daily monitoring of production, it would self-optimize and begin developing altered behavior patterns for different external stimuli.


Internet of Things (IoT)

So, if this were the case, if an HVAC can learn how to self-optimize, the next question would be to ask how? That would be from a concept called the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is the name given to any physical device embedded with sensors and software technology that allows that device to communicate with external devices and software systems. 


Our example is how HVAC ties into this. Suppose an HVAC is embedded with machine learning technology that utilizes IoT. As the HVAC learns how to self-optimize, it can then transfer information stored outside of itself into a database. 


This is where big data analytics comes into play. The information of that particular HVAC systems optimization patterns can be collected over time and built into charts to monitor the machine’s behavior. This can be used for maintenance, reviewing the average output, and much more. 


Omnia360 Provides Progressive Facility Solutions 

Omnia360 works to provide progressive facility solutions for all of our clients. We are your third-party facility solution provider that utilizes data to inform our decision-making process, so we can best provide for your company’s needs on all matters. 


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