3 Benefits of Exterior Building Maintenance

Hiring external maintenance services for your commercial property is an important investment that yields several key benefits: increased customer and employee satisfaction and an improved brand image. 

Our facility management team at Omnia360, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, adheres to the highest standards in the industry, creating and following through on an exterior facility maintenance plan that incorporates your building’s unique needs and budgetary limitations. 


1. Makes the Facility Safer

A well-maintained building makes it that much safer for employees and customers. No matter the year, the season, or location, your facility can benefit from professional landscape maintenance, whether it’s snow or ice removal or general parking lot upkeep. 


A clean and clear external grounds area makes it more likely that you’ll avoid any potential lawsuits at your commercial property — it’s a no-brainer. Hiring an FM company that can ensure your property is well maintained and offers unobstructed walking paths for clients is critical. 


2. Better for Foot Traffic and Visitors 

Proper exterior design can make it easier for pedestrians to navigate to and from your premises, and it helps customers who may have visual impairments navigate your business’s location.


And, when it comes to your business’s success, the more foot traffic you can get on your property, the better. Having a modern, sleek, clean, and safe building is part of what draws customers back to your property over and over again. 


3. Creates Commercial Appeal to Customers

Floral landscaping, lawn care, and power washing all play a core role in updating the visual appeal of your building. Your commercial building works as effectively “free advertising” for your company and your brand. 

Curbside appeal is vital. It’s associated with your business’s perceived value. 


Most Common Exterior Maintenance Services

Building Leaks.

Caulking and sealing services help to preserve the infrastructure of your building and prevent costly water damage from affecting your property. 


Clean Masonry.

Pressure washing older parts of your building and adjacent areas (sidewalks, parking lot, etc.) to eliminate mold, gum, oil, and various contaminants that can shorten your facility’s usability.



Clean, walkable sidewalks, accessible side railings, automatic door openers, and a well-trimmed lawn provide a better customer experience and benefit the company’s overall professional image.


Window Cleaning.

Showcasing newly cleaned, modern glass windows on the front of your building is a major part of curb appeal and creates a lasting impression on your potential customers.


Pest Protection.

Installing rodent trapping protections or pest deterrents around your facility is a great investment for long-term cost savings. Taking advantage of preventative pest control for your facility’s grounds is well worth it.


Get Building Maintenance From Omnia360 Facility Management

When it comes to managing your facility, we cover it all, inside and out. Our cross-trained team of technicians works with your in-house team to enhance your facility leading to decreased operational costs and increased customer safety. 

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