7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Facility Management Company

At Omnia360, we understand your concerns. From day-to-day operations and strategic facility management to bundled services that save money, our team can help your facility work more efficiently while delivering cost-effectiveness. Before you hire a facility management company, ask them these seven questions.

1. How can you save our company money?

In addition to offering a wide range of services, a facility management company must be cost-effective while saving you money. Omnia360 will outline precisely how we save you money versus hiring your own staff or having piecemeal services from several providers.

2. What portion of your services are self-performed versus subcontracted?

Facility management companies often have their own trucks (Omnia360 does) for services they perform in-house. However, we know that some companies do things better than we do. Self-performing work orders lowers overall costs and gives your facility management company more control. However, the teams we contract with are vetted well before becoming part of our bundled services package. We ensure everything is right before anyone takes a step in your facility.

3. What services does your facility management company specialize in?

Specialization is common in facility management. Some companies offer in-house electrical or plumbing services. Others specialize in landscaping or janitorial. The Omnia360 team will go over what we’re best at, what services provide you with the best margins, and which is the best strategy for your facility.

4. How soon can you have someone at my facility for emergency service?

Emergencies happen. An electrical wire breaks. A pipe bursts. How quickly can your facility management company respond with emergency service, even at 3 a.m. on Thursday? Omnia360 prides itself on quick turnarounds, rapid response times, and getting your problems solved as soon as possible. 

5. How do you describe your work order process?

Submitting a work order with Omnia360 means fast, efficient response times. Once you submit a work order through our system, we effectively send the right technician or teams to your place when you need them. Work orders are in addition to regular services we provide daily, weekly, or monthly.

6. Can you help me plan for the future?

Omnia360 does more than just perform regular tasks. Our teams work closely with yours to meet your future needs with a strategic plan aimed to maximize services and optimize costs. Facility management shouldn’t be something you need to worry about in the years ahead.

7. Do you have any references?

Any facility management company should be able to provide you with a list of references who can talk to you. Just a short email or quick phone call can put you in touch with the right person to talk to you about how well a particular facility management firm works with them.

Contact Omnia360 for Integrated Facility Management

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