How A Facility Management Company Contributes To Your Overall Business Strategy and Bottom Line

Efficiency is the goal of every company as technology advances and innovation rises. Efficiency is often seen as the secret key to getting ahead of your competitors. 

We believe this is the case at Omnia 360. In today’s blog, our facilities management experts will talk about the benefits your company can expect from hiring a facilities management company like us.

Specialized Focus On Skill Set

At Omnia360, we focus on connecting our partnered companies with the top professionals in the industry they need for maintaining their facilities. This means no streaks on those floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Empty trash cans every morning. Inspections are passed every quarter, and groundskeeping is always up to par. 

Which Results in Performance Efficiency

We focus on providing one point of contact between your business and our services. Since we are able to micro-focus that point of contact, we’re able to maximize performance efficiency. If we’re outsourcing your need to a company that specializes in fixing it, then we’re helping you maximize the amount of time spent waiting for it to be fixed. 

For example, instead of waiting for a maintenance man to find a way to clean your windows, professionals who understand the importance of commercial window cleaning will arrive on time, and ready wipe away all of your worries and pollen-associated sneezes…every time!

Which Results in Monetary Efficiency

According to, the Facilities Management department is allocated one of the largest budgets in your company. What if you could outsource that? Outsourcing maintenance and routine care means you’re spending your funds on quality, and not necessarily the quantity, of people that would require being on company payroll. Only one payment would be needed to pay for our services, while receiving top professional support each call. 

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Omnia360 and Facilities Management 

Take a look at Omnia360 for integrated facility management solutions for your building. We’ll answer all of your questions, communicate openly with you, and develop the right facility management plan for maintaining the integrity of your company. We let you focus on your core business model while taking care of facility management tasks that keep your building running smoothly. Contact Omnia360 or call toll-free 1-833-360-6642 for more information.

4 Facility Management Services You Didn’t Know You Needed

Daily maintenance can be a hassle financially and time-wise. We understand that here at Omnia360

We do our best to make sure your small business, restaurant, corporate office, hospital, factory, or facility remains clean so you don’t have to worry about the hassle. 

We are a professional facility management company, and we offer a variety of much-needed services for the business world. In today’s blog, our experts will talk about four facilities management services you didn’t know you needed. 

Window Washing

Large windows are a pain to clean, so why not hire a company that specializes in professional commercial window cleaning services? Here at Omnia360, we focus on providing one point of contact for your services. We schedule our team to be on site during times that are not distracting for your employees, and we ensure our team prioritizes safety. We know window washing specialists who will make your place look great. 

Trash Collection

Not all trash collection is included with your site’s utility bill. If your office wants to recycle the leftover paper or have appropriate bins for the various recycling methods, then they’ll likely need to be provided by a facility management company. Our team will go through after hours and collect all of your waste to be taken to the waste management facility for you. It is convenient, simple, and efficient.

Air Filter Changes

Commercial air filters should be changed three to four times yearly. Believe it or not, this actually has to be performed by an individual that is licensed to look over your HVAC system and remove any debris that could be cycling into your employee work spaces. Hiring a facility management company to handle this for your company is the best route. An office HVAC system is large and requires a lot of care. Having a third party, specialized to perform the seasonal maintenance for it, is the best avenue to go for both insurance reasons and cost-effectiveness.

Safety Inspections

Did you know that you should be doing site-oriented safety inspections monthly? Did you know that quarterly inspections for the entire facility are mandatory for a business? 

They definitely both are. If you’re wondering what your inspection should look like, just ask OSHA. They are the administration responsible for health and safety across all of the business world in the U.S. 

Having a facility management team to care for the inspection requirements your company will have to meet to remain OSHA-compliant will keep your space open and legal for your employees to thrive within. 

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Omnia360 on Facility Management Services

Our team at Omnia360 focuses on integrated facility management solutions for your building. We’ll answer all of your questions, communicate openly with you, and develop the right facility management plan for site care and compliance for your business. Contact Omnia360 or call toll-free 1-833-360-6642 for more information.

Why Hiring an On-Call Mobile Mechanic Saves You Money

Is it a good idea to hire an on-call mobile mechanic? There are several reasons why this could be a great option for your facilities, especially when you want to save money. In today’s blog from Omnia360, we discuss the benefits of hiring an on-call mobile mechanic for your facilities. 

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On-Call Mobile Mechanics Can Save on FTE Benefits 

You’ve been doing this long enough, so you understand the cost of doing business. And your number-one investment is people. This means time spent hiring and training new employees. It means offering costly benefits packages, as well as perks like paid holidays, personal days off, and office space. While these are necessary, hiring someone who isn’t considered a full-time employee can save you money while keeping your business running as efficiently as possible. 

With our one-call facility management solution and mobile services, you have the convenience of having a mechanic on your property quickly, ready to assess and fix any issues. No need to wait on an independent company to call you back and make an appointment days in advance. This translates to reduced downtime and asset protection. 

Complement Your Current Staff

If you have a team of mechanics on staff, chances are they are busy keeping the facilities operating through day-to-day issues, upkeep, and regular maintenance. Emergencies, major failures, and specialized repairs can overtask your regular team. Technically challenging issues in the middle of the night or on the weekend can further strain your workforce, throwing off the flow of operations and increasing overtime. These situations cost time, money, and operational resources. 

There are also concerns regarding staff absences, dismissals, and vacations. As HR-related issues occur, will you have enough staff to handle not only the day-to-day operations but emergencies as well? 

By contracting a mobile mechanic for facility management, you can call them when issues arise. They can be on-premise to fix the problems quickly and efficiently without the rest of your staff becoming overworked and overburdened. 

On the Premises Only When Needed

How many times have you staffed a mechanic overnight or on the weekends for ‘just in case’ scenarios? Just in case a pipe freezes. Just in case the heating unit goes down. 

When nothing freezes and everyone stays warm, it turns out the mechanic wasn’t needed. That’s great news, except you just spent hundreds of dollars on unneeded labor. 

Labor dollars can add up quickly. The more hours, the higher the dollars. With an on-call mechanic from Omnia360, they are only on the ground or in the building when you need them. This reduces labor costs because you’re only paying for staff when they’re needed. This allows you to focus your investments on facility upgrades and higher profitability. 

Contact Omnia360 for Mobile Solutions

Omnia360’s mobile solutions can supplement your current equipment maintenance teams or outfit your entire crew. Whatever your needs, we provide a range of options for your facility. Contact Omnia360 online or call toll-free 1-833-360-6642 for more details on how we can help your team.

Why You Should Hire a Facility Management Company for HVAC and Plumbing Work

You have a large facility with extensive plumbing and HVAC systems, and you need the ability to make repairs and keep operations running. Most of the equipment requires minimal maintenance. Breakdowns are rare but difficult to predict.

It’s likely you don’t spend much time thinking about commercial HVAC and plumbing services. But when a breakdown occurs, quick, quality repair service is priority one.

In situations like this, you should hire a facility management company for HVAC and plumbing work, like Omnia360 Facility Solutions. Learn why in today’s blog.

Large System

Your HVAC and plumbing systems are large and often complicated. Ducts and pipes intertwine with your factory equipment, chemicals, and storage areas. It takes a lot to keep up with the complexities of huge, facility-wide systems. Yet you don’t need staff on hand to deal with regular maintenance issues. 

A facility management company like Omnia360 can keep specialists on hand for a variety of reasons. We can come to your place to perform monthly maintenance checks on pipes, drains, ducts, thermostats, and electrical wiring. Or you can simply keep us on call for when something goes wrong and you need repairs done quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime.

Old System

Perhaps your facility is in a building that’s 50 years old. Your pipes are about that age. Or perhaps you have a boiler that runs on oil rather than modern utilities. 

Omnia360’s facility management experts can provide a technician who becomes familiar with the eccentricities of an aging system. When something is amiss, we’ll send someone out to take care of the problem.

Monthly Maintenance

Commercial HVAC systems need monthly maintenance checks to optimize functional performance and prevent problems before they become emergencies. The same is true with plumbing when you have exposed pipes in your building. Hiring a company like Omnia360 lets you schedule monthly maintenance with a facility expert who knows what to look for in commercial HVAC and plumbing systems.

Contact Omnia360, A Facility Management Company

Don’t leave your HVAC and plumbing maintenance to just anyone. We’re a facility management company employing a wide range of solutions for your commercial building. Contact Omnia360 online or call toll-free 1-833-360-6642 for more details on how we can help your facility manager keep up with HVAC and plumbing maintenance.

Should You Outsource Your Equipment Maintenance?

How do you decide to keep labor in-house versus outsourcing to a vendor? Several factors come into play, such as the quality of work, the expense of maintaining employees, and the type of tasks you need done. Today’s blog from Omnia360 Facility Solutions answers if you should outsource your equipment maintenance. 

What Equipment Do You Have?

Do you have specialized, proprietary equipment found nowhere else in the world? What about machines made in a factory? 

For specialized or proprietary equipment, you probably have on-site mechanics who know the day-to-day operations better than anyone else. It makes sense to keep these equipment maintenance specialists in-house.

However, if you have factory-made equipment that has manuals and standard parts that anyone can research, you might consider outsourcing your equipment maintenance needs. A good mechanic knows the basic operations of many types of machines, and a facility management company like Omnia360 has connections to these specialists.

How Much Equipment Needs Regular Maintenance?

Not all of your machines run all of the time. Some operate daily. Others weekly. Maybe some machines only power up once or twice a year. Machines that run daily may require weekly maintenance. That means you’ll need the staff to take on that type of routine. If not, outsourcing your equipment maintenance makes sense if you can’t take the staff time to perform regular maintenance. A robust maintenance regimen makes your equipment last longer, improving your ROI the longer you own it.

Can Current Staff Fix It?

You have a dedicated staff who knows your facility inside and out. But can they perform regular equipment maintenance and repairs? 

Let’s say you have some specialized equipment that needs monthly maintenance. However, you only have one or two staffers able to fix any problems with it. What happens if that staff is on vacation or out sick? What if those people leave? Who do you train for that type of equipment maintenance now?

Omnia360 can alleviate the concerns of staff absences. If you don’t have enough people with the know-how to maintain or fix your equipment, outsourcing to the right company makes sense for supplementing your in-house workers.

Are Workers Cross-Trained?

Cross-training offers a fantastic way to have in-house staff perform equipment maintenance at your facility. In many production facilities, line workers are trained to handle basic maintenance on equipment.

What happens if you have a major malfunction? Can your line workers or facility manager take care of a major breakdown that leads to hours or even days of downtime? Equipment maintenance specialists and contractors, like those supplied by Omnia360, can supplement already-trained staff when your maintenance crew needs extra help.

Contact Omnia360 for Equipment Maintenance

Omnia360 Facility Solutions can supplement your current equipment maintenance teams or outfit your entire crew. Whatever your needs, we provide a range of options for your facility. Contact Omnia360 online or call toll-free 1-833-360-6642 for more details on how we can help your team.

How Regular Janitorial Inspections Save You Money by Omnia360

Janitorial inspections are a vital tool in your facility management arsenal. You may not think about janitorial services or inspections as important parts of your business. But implementing regular janitorial inspections can save you money in the long run. Omnia360 Facility Solutions explains in today’s blog.

Create a Checklist

First things first. Create a comprehensive checklist of things that your janitorial staff needs to keep an eye on during their rounds. This checklist focuses on all areas for cleaning, maintenance, and inspection. Why should you have regular inspections? Checklists are one sure way to get a true picture of the shape your facility is in.

What’s on your checklist? Quick-and-easy items. Paper towel dispensers filled and working? Check. Toilets not clogged or dirty? Check. Break room trash can empty? Check. Checklists should follow along with your janitorial staff’s ordinary course of duties. Once you create the checklist, it’s a standard tool your janitorial staff can use for years to come, and it can be updated as your needs change.

Train Janitors to Look for Problems

Janitors typically know when something is amiss because they understand what your facility should look like. Train your janitorial staff to look for problems. If there is a leak, sagging ceiling, misshapen pipe, or wrong temperature in a room, janitorial crews will notice. Then they’ll talk to the right personnel to correct the problem. 

A drafty window frame might not need attention right away, but a constantly dripping pipe does. Omnia360 can take care of these types of plumbing problems and maintenance issues.

Checklists Can Uncover Larger Issues

That small oil spot on the floor? It might uncover a larger issue. Perhaps an expensive piece of machinery passed that spot a few hours before a janitor spotted it. No one knew it had an oil leak until your janitorial crew noticed it. Your maintenance techs take a look at the equipment and correct the problem immediately before the oil leak causes overheating or large concerns that require the replacement of an engine, crankcase, or the entire machine. 

Omnia360’s team can look for these types of issues so you can prevent bigger problems that cost more money, shorten the lifespan of machinery, or cause expensive downtime. 

Contact Omnia360 for Janitorial Staff

Do you need a full janitorial team at your facility? How about a few people to supplement your internal team? Omnia360 can accomplish either one or anything in between. Contact Omnia360 online or call toll-free 1-833-360-6642 for more details on how we can assist with your janitorial needs.

Winter Concerns for Commercial HVAC Systems by Omnia360

Winter generally means colder weather, snow, and ice. Your industrial or commercial HVAC system requirements change at this time of year, which means your facility manager must pay particular attention to winter concerns for your commercial HVAC systems. Omnia360 explains what to watch for in today’s blog.

Wild Temperature Swings or Inconsistencies

Your staff needs it to be warm inside so they can work effectively. However, your facility may have doors that open and close frequently, or you may have a cargo space that has a docking bay for semi-trailers. Your facility may have wild temperature discrepancies from managers’ offices and break rooms to the production line floor and docking bays. 

If the temperature in one area seems off for no reason or for an extended period of time, it’s a sign you should get your commercial HVAC system looked at. It could be that someone forgot to shut an empty bay door or messed with the thermostat. But it could be a sign of larger issues. Omnia360 can thoroughly inspect your system for potential problems.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can affect your employees’ health. Better indoor air can improve breathing, and breathing is especially important during cold and flu season. Omnia360 can send a trained HVAC tech to your place to see if your filters or air cleaners need maintenance or replacement to improve your facility’s air quality.

System Shutdown

Your commercial HVAC system may suddenly shut down due to changing needs. A warm day in the 60s might necessitate a switch to air conditioning, but the following day a cold front drops temps into the 30s, and you have to change the system back to heat. Changing between heat and air conditioning could cause havoc with your HVAC system. Preventive maintenance is the best way to lessen the chance of a sudden system failure that needs to be fixed ASAP.

Higher Utility Bills

You need to save money as much as possible. Omnia360 totally understands. If your winter utility bills rise month to month without a viable explanation, we can come up with a solution. It could be the age of your HVAC system, the new wing you built last year, or it’s time for a better thermostat to control the heating system. An investment in some regular HVAC maintenance from Omnia360 can save on your utility bills over time.

Contact Omnia360 for Integrated Facility Management

Do you have seasonal issues with your HVAC system? Do any of these aforementioned problems sound like your situation? Contact Omnia360 online or call toll-free 1-833-360-6642 for more details on how we can help you with winter concerns for your facility’s HVAC system. Also, take a look at our vendor management platform.

How a Facility Management Company Enhances the Role of Your Firm’s Facility Manager

You have the top facility manager in the business. He or she knows what to do when your facility’s equipment needs maintenance, upgrades, and cleaning. But sometimes your facility manager needs a team backing him or her up. Today’s blog from Omnia360 discusses how a facility management company enhances the role of your firm’s facility manager. 

Extra Help

A facility management company’s level of involvement is up to you. Omnia360 can handle most or all of your facility’s needs, or just come in when you require extra help on a temporary basis. 

Let’s say your facility manager has a three-month project, but the staffing levels are maxed out. A facility management company like Omnia360 takes the strain off the project by bringing a team in to help without having to hire extra staff.

Free Up More Time

You just landed a huge contract, and your company needs to expand quickly. Our facility management company adds to your staff quickly and efficiently so your facility manager can focus on core aspects of the expansion project. Whether you need to move equipment, create new production lines, or perform renovations, Omnia360 can provide the support staff you need.

Saving You Money

Don’t have the money to hire more staff? A facility management company can save you money because the cost of partnering with Omnia360 may be less than the cost of hiring your own staffers. 

You have to look beyond just the salaries of new staff. You must take into account how much time your facility manager and HR staff spend vetting, hiring and training new people. There’s also the money you spend on benefits. These things add up to expenses you could save by outsourcing some of your facility management needs.

Increase Efficiency

Having a trained team on your side increases your efficiency. There’s not much of a learning curve, and the facility management solutions provided by Omnia360 can finish projects on time and to your exacting standards. 

Contact Omnia360 for Integrated Facility Management

Omnia360 has extensive experience in facility management. Our team can help yours succeed while running a more efficient operation. Contact Omnia360 or call toll-free 1-833-360-6642 to start the conversation.

Essential Tools for Facility Management Companies

Facility management requires the right tools to get the job done. Whether you already have a facility manager or you need help as your business expands, Omnia360 can help take your team to the next level. Today’s blog outlines essential tools for facility management companies.

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS),  covers all of the physical assets in your facility. The CMMS tracks the maintenance of your building, operations, and equipment. A robust CMMS allows you to easily add or subtract assets, maintain their value, and determine what needs maintenance next. Omnia360’s facility management solutions can provide you with world-class CMMS or work with your system to ensure timely services.

Work Order Requests

Omnia360 makes it easy to order R&M services, from HVAC and plumbing to handyman and electrical. Ordering R&M must be easy enough for you to select the services you need when you need them. Ask us about how to utilize our one-stop-shop for all of your facility management needs.

Problem-Solving Skills

Facility management companies need robust problem-solving skills. That means diverse minds with experience and expertise in the industry. The Omnia360 team offers more than 60 years of collective experience. We’ve seen a lot of things in our time, and our team understands how to prevent problems before they start.

Preventive and Scheduled Maintenance

The coordination for planned activities is critical to the success of any maintenance program.  The Omnia360 CMMS will automatically schedule and communicate planned activity and repetitive services.

Contact Omnia360 for Integrated Facility Management

Discover Omnia360 for integrated facility management solutions for your building. Our team offers expertise and problem-solving for your facility, whether you need an entire slate of services or a little extra help. Contact Omnia360 or call toll-free 1-833-360-6642 for more details.

7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Facility Management Company

At Omnia360, we understand your concerns. From day-to-day operations and strategic facility management to bundled services that save money, our team can help your facility work more efficiently while delivering cost-effectiveness. Before you hire a facility management company, ask them these seven questions.

1. How can you save our company money?

In addition to offering a wide range of services, a facility management company must be cost-effective while saving you money. Omnia360 will outline precisely how we save you money versus hiring your own staff or having piecemeal services from several providers.

2. What portion of your services are self-performed versus subcontracted?

Facility management companies often have their own trucks (Omnia360 does) for services they perform in-house. However, we know that some companies do things better than we do. Self-performing work orders lowers overall costs and gives your facility management company more control. However, the teams we contract with are vetted well before becoming part of our bundled services package. We ensure everything is right before anyone takes a step in your facility.

3. What services does your facility management company specialize in?

Specialization is common in facility management. Some companies offer in-house electrical or plumbing services. Others specialize in landscaping or janitorial. The Omnia360 team will go over what we’re best at, what services provide you with the best margins, and which is the best strategy for your facility.

4. How soon can you have someone at my facility for emergency service?

Emergencies happen. An electrical wire breaks. A pipe bursts. How quickly can your facility management company respond with emergency service, even at 3 a.m. on Thursday? Omnia360 prides itself on quick turnarounds, rapid response times, and getting your problems solved as soon as possible. 

5. How do you describe your work order process?

Submitting a work order with Omnia360 means fast, efficient response times. Once you submit a work order through our system, we effectively send the right technician or teams to your place when you need them. Work orders are in addition to regular services we provide daily, weekly, or monthly.

6. Can you help me plan for the future?

Omnia360 does more than just perform regular tasks. Our teams work closely with yours to meet your future needs with a strategic plan aimed to maximize services and optimize costs. Facility management shouldn’t be something you need to worry about in the years ahead.

7. Do you have any references?

Any facility management company should be able to provide you with a list of references who can talk to you. Just a short email or quick phone call can put you in touch with the right person to talk to you about how well a particular facility management firm works with them.

Contact Omnia360 for Integrated Facility Management

Take a look at Omnia360 for integrated facility management solutions for your building. We’ll answer all of your questions, communicate openly with you, and develop the right facility management plan for your team. Contact Omnia360 or call toll-free 1-833-360-6642 for more information.