Why Is Lawn Care So Important for Facility Management?

Have you thought about the importance of landscaping and lawn care for your business facility? Outdoor landscaping is one of the first steps to designing a beautiful and inviting work environment to create buzz and leave lasting impressions on clientele and employees alike. Adequate lawn care sets the tone for the functionality and operational flow of a business facility. 


Investing in your facility’s lawn care demonstrates how serious managers are about their business both inside and out. If your facility looks nice on the outside, chances are the aesthetics and business operations are excellent on the inside as well. In today’s blog by Onmia360, we discuss the significance of lawn care for facility management. 


A Cleaner Environment for Work Productivity


A clean workspace increases productivity amongst employees. A survey conducted by Oxford University demonstrated that 13% of workers feel more productive in a happier and cleaner environment. Looking outdoors to see a beautifully landscaped facility creates a calming effect on workers, proven to reduce stress levels and increase engagement and business efficiency. 


Positive First Impressions


First impressions are everything, and the same goes for your business facility as well. A well-groomed lawn or landscape gives a positive first impression for visitors and clientele. The appearance of your facility sets the standard of quality and the organizational structure of your business operations. The last thing you want is your clientele questioning your corporate system and your ability to yield results based on brown or unkempt greenery. Maintained landscaping appreciates property values and the appeal of a top-tier facility with upscale features and superior individuals. 


Increased Capital Value


Staying up-to-date with your landscaping leads to increased property value for your facility. The money you invest in supplying quality and care offers a return on investment over time as managers scale their business. Property values increase by thousands more for a well-kept lawn and abundant greenery. If you have not started your landscaping strategy, Omnia360 is at your service. 


Omnia360 Supplies Quality Management For Your Indoor Facility 


The staff at Omnia360 understands how important outdoor aesthetics are to a high-quality facility. We offer bundled services to reach a common consensus for your facility and business goals, including comprehensive, varietal, and collaborative management. Our maintenance services include HVAC, landscaping, electrical plumbing, and more. To learn more about what our facility management team can do for you, give us a call at 833.360.6642 or contact us online. 

Why Does Your Facility Need Lawn Care and Landscaping Services Year-Round?

You’ve perfectly installed a beautiful and welcoming commercial landscape around your Cincinnati property, now what? Many people think that landscaped lawns become part of the natural world, and therefore can care for themselves. Unfortunately this is not the case. A landscape is not part of the natural world. In order to keep your landscape manicured year-round, professional and regular Cincinnati landscaping maintenance services are required. In today’s blog, Omnia360 will discuss this and why its necessary. 


Build a Positive Lasting Image Into Your Budget

Year-round commercial landscape maintenance is essential to ensure green grass, flowering plants and trees in the spring and summer. This also translates to changing seasons with clean up of leaves from the ground in the fall, and clear, safe pathways in the winter. By investing in landscaping maintenance a statement is made to your clients on the importance professional presentation of your business location. Including your maintenance costs in your company budget, allows them to be regarded as an investment in the well-being of your business. Seasonal landscaping varies, however, below we offer a few examples on what to prepare for as you take the plunge into investing in your commercial property.


Regular Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

  • Lawn maintenance for a lush, green, dandelion-free lawn.
  • General clean up of plant beds and regular removal of plant debris.
  • Weeding of plant beds and monitoring of overall plant health.
  • Attention to pruning and shearing of plants for optimum form and sustainability.
  • Monitoring and treatment of plant diseases and pests.
  • Testing of soil for essential nutrients and minerals. 
  • Fertilization and any necessary corrective treatments for ongoing plant and soil health.
  • Irrigation monitoring and water management.
  • Tree pruning to correct cosmetic defects and ensure safety.
  • Driveway and parking lot maintenance to keep parking lots free of potholes, clean, and presentable to clients.


Fall Cleanup and Winterization Landscape Maintenance Services

  • Cutting back of perennial plants to ensure healthy regrowth in the spring.
  • Removal of fall and winter debris.
  • Application of anti-desiccants to evergreens and shrubs.
  • Deactivation of irrigation systems prior to the onset of winter.
  •  Snow and ice removal.


Remembering the saying, “First Impressions are Lasting Impressions,” might help with the impact of the initial cost of landscaping service investment, because this is exactly what it is! Landscaping is an investment. By investing in a company that specializes in commercial landscaping maintenance you are choosing efficiency and professionalism. 


Omnia360 On Landscaping Maintenance

Let Omnia360 take the worry and time-consuming task of commercial landscaping maintenance off your hands. Please note that Omni360 is a Cincinnati commercial landscaping maintenance company that takes a “green” approach to lawn and landscaping maintenance with the use of organic or organic-based fertilizers. This means that once we’re finished with it, not only will your property look great, but it will aslo be a safe, environmentally friendly place. Please contact us for a free survey and estimate of maintenance for your commercial landscaping.

Basic Elements of Lawn Care and Landscaping Services for Your Facility

Spring is ushering in long-awaited warm temperatures, which are perfect for those that enjoy the outdoors. Many landscaping professionals are aching to get back to the rewarding process of maintaining the external parts of their facility. Omnia360 understands this excitement, and we’re right there with you! 

In today’s blog, we’ll go over our recommended checklist for basic elements of lawn care and landscaping services that will help your facility look its best. 

Check For Success:

  • Inspect your trees and shrubs. Spruce up for Spring with a thorough inspection of your yard. Look for any branches that might be broken or damaged. Any damage, or overgrown branches can be pruned to prepare them for their best mid-season blooms. 
  • Test your soil. Testing your soil once every few years is vital to ensure it has the proper pH balance and nutrients. You can usually test your soil at the local state agricultural extension office. Asking lawn care or landscaping professionals about ph balance is also an excellent avenue to go for those new to outdoor lawn care. 
  • Fertilize your lawn. The decision about whether or not to fertilize should be based on the nutrition requirements needed for certain soil conditions.

Here are just a few additional tips for fertilizing your lawn:

    • Determine your soil nutrient needs through testing. If your soil does need nutrients, it is important to make sure you choose a fertilizer that matches these needs.
    • Make sure you fertilize at the optimum time of the year for your lawn’s specific variety of grass. Interestingly enough, not all grass varietals require fertilizing during Spring.
    • It is best to choose a slow-release, or controlled-release, fertilizer to reduce possible losses to the environment and increase nutrient absorption. In certain situations, it may help to use organic materials, which can improve the health of your soil.
    • It is important to read the label on the fertilizer bag, and to know the exact size of your lawn. Using too much fertilizer can harm your lawn which results in costs that might not fit into the original budget. 

Check a Bit More:

  • Control for Weeds. Spring is a wise time to apply pre-emergent weed control for weeds such as crabgrass. One hint on timing is that when forsythia is in full bloom, it’s usually the perfect time to apply a crabgrass weed preventer.
  • Keep planting beds neat and tidy. Raking the old leaves and debris from plant beds and creating neat, natural edges around the beds using an edging tool will provide top results for an orderly and aesthetic appeal. 
  • Add an inch-thick layer of fresh mulch to plant beds and around trees. Mulch shouldn’t cover tree trucks, and should never be allowed to accumulate to be over 3-inches in depth. Mulch not only makes planting areas look neat, but also helps to retain moisture in the soil, keeping roots cool in the summer and protected from frost in the winter. As the mulch decomposes, it adds nutrients from the decomposed organic matter into the soil.
  • Inspect your irrigation system. Once the weather has warmed up for the year, turn on your irrigation system and inspect it to see if it is in working condition. If you have a landscape or irrigation company, they can do this for you as well.

 Get Quality Facility Management & Lawn Care Services

Here at Omnia360 we understand how important it is that your facility has proper lawn care and facility management as part of spring cleaning. Our staff of cross-trained professionals can ensure your facility is well-managed. 

If you have any additional questions about our services, we want to hear from you! For more information about seasonal landscape care, contact Omnia360 in Cincinnati.

How Lawn Care and Landscaping Services Improve Your Facility

A well-designed and well-maintained landscape will strengthen any businesses corporate image. Landscaping provides an attractive aesthetic for gaining new customers, and retaining existing customers. Experienced, well-trained landscaping professionals understand the importance of creating a balanced environment for workers and customers alike. In today’s blog with Omnia360, we will discuss how lawn care and landscaping services improve your facility. 


Work Efficiency 


Many studies have shown that office workers are more efficient when working within a space that contains natural elements. Quiet outdoor seating areas can  improve worker focusing abilities, and a encourage a more balanced work environment. When employees are healthy and productive they are more likely to complete work on time. 


Landscaping & Greenery


Onsite commercial landscaping and maintenance for businesses show both customers and competitors that your business cares about site structure and aesthetic. Commercial landscaping companies will beautify your garden by using local plants and other green items to help you enhance the natural environment around the business. 


 Increased Property Value


Investing in commercial landscaping services can help increase the market value of a property. It can also help your business stand out from the competition by presenting a positive aesthetic expression. If customers are attracted to a business space, it is highly likely revenue will increase. 


Enhanced safety and security 


Outdoor gardens that are well maintained by landscaping professionals are considered safe. Placement of greenery, plants, and external furniture to use in outdoor seating areas present a pleasant and welcoming feel. Having, proper lighting outdoors in open seating areas that cover the area at night also present a welcoming and safe feeling. If your office environment is well layed out, safe, and offers options for employee work flow productivity and income will see a natural increase. 



Omnia360 On Outdoor Gardening And Landscaping

There are so many benefits that can be obtained through commercial landscaping, so it is vital to work with the best landscaping professionals who will help your property realize all these benefits. If you are seeking a local landscaping company with a reputation for quality, and productivity we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to find out how we can make the business landscape work for your business and help you always keep it attractive.